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  1. I'd say on the upside of 75%.
  2. Thanks, Holly. *grabs cookies*
  3. I hate shopping...except when I'm doing the buying.
  4. Dean

    All Saints

    Extreme Measures Episode 360 August 8, 2006 Erica's suspicions are confirmed when what seems like a routine MVA becomes a murder mystery. A young man presents with a hook in his penis but his fishing story seems a little far fetched.
  5. Hey! The evil Russian (Beirko?) off 24 is on L&O: Criminal Intent at the moment without a hint of the Russian accent.
  6. Good Evening Peoples!
  7. OMFG @ the person who died. Did you expect it? That was the spoiler that I saw last week.
  8. :o I'm good Robbiefan. You?
  9. I've never been in one. So......dunno what you guys are on about.
  10. Dean

    All Saints

    HAH! We were just saying that.
  11. That's what I thought.
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