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  1. Dean

    All Saints

    JC. John Cotter, the anethesist.
  2. Dean

    All Saints

    We are currently up to Season Nine in Australia.
  3. Dean

    All Saints

    My mistake. Just checked. Similar but not him. Did you know Chris Sadrinna was definitely in it. Ep 109...erm...Principal Things I think the ep was.
  4. Dean

    All Saints

    That's who it was! I swear I recognized him from Blue Heelers though.
  5. My Controls -> Edit Avatar Settings -> From here, you can either choose a photo from the gallery, or upload one using Photobucket.
  6. It's a matter of opinion.
  7. Good. Clear as crystal.
  8. City Of Devils - Yellowcard
  9. Des! He was on 24, you know.
  10. Hey pam. I'm off to have a shower before H&A. Be back later.
  11. I've got 4 hours worth of 24 to watch.
  12. Good. Waiting for H&A. 50 mins to go.
  13. You're a poet and you didn't know it! How cliche.
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