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  1. Regarding "in Narelle's opinion", I read that back and realised it sounded a bit harsh. I think Alex Papps is attractive but I don't find Frank especially attractive. I suppose I was also referring to the fact that Narelle finding Frank attractive was one of her defining character traits at this stage in the series.
  2. ^I'm sure she was aware of the circumstances surrounding Frank's accident. Besides, Narelle's comment doesn't imply she actually knows Roo, the opposite in fact - she's just making an assessment on Roo based on the fact she would leave someone as attractive (in Narelle's opinion) as Frank at the altar.
  3. I feel like they were hoping Rebekah Elmalogolu was going to stick around a few weeks more precisely to get closure with Karen - but I guess Rebekah was ready to leave immediately. I could almost have seen Sophie sticking round at least half the year, perhaps Dale's death prompting her to want to reconnect with Tamara and move to Perth...
  4. Wasn't there a problem with having foster siblings under the same roof date? That's why Tom wouldn't consider letting Viv move in with them when Donald was having trouble with the police - because Viv was already dating Steven...
  5. ^I didn't realise they'd married. Thanks for letting me know.
  6. I thought Don was only married twice: Barbara and Marilyn, right? Did Pippa marry Ian? If so, she'd be at 3. Bianca had 4 weddings - but she only got married in two of them...
  7. In regards to Carly getting over Andrew Foley, I think it was believable she was over him - because she started getting over him before they even broke up. Basically, he fell off the pedestal she put him on: he had his own problems, he wasn't perfect - which implies Carly's feelings for him were never based on anything real anyway. It was realistic though and true for Carly's character. As for Carly's "happy ending" with Ben, I don't know why the writers felt they needed to give her one. We can't really know for sure if Sharyn wanted to stay - I personally feel she would've been happy to
  8. Neither Roo nor Bobby won. They both matured a lot in 1989 so that by the time Roo left with Frank it wasn't even a competition. Bobby giving Roo her blessing and Roo being able to take it showed maturity from both sides. I really liked the short-lived mature Carly, Bobby, Roo friendship (which we only saw glimpses of when Tom and Alf were missing and after the Revhead incident).
  9. I don't hate Frank. At best he was bland, at worst he was hopeless at relationships... He wasn't a character I missed once he was gone, I don't think he left a huge impact. I also don't understand what Roo and Bobby saw in him...
  10. I'm sure Rebecca was mentioned pretty early in 1988 - shortly before Barbara showed up at the latest (when Don was on the phone to her before Roo's wedding). She was also mentioned frequently during Barbara and Alan's stint so I don't think that one was a particular continuity error.
  11. ^Thanks Dan F. Early 2006 was one of the periods I wasn't watching very often so I missed that.
  12. In that video there's a clip that looks like it's a funeral with Amanda saying "Morag, you're more than welcome to join us." When was this? The only funeral I can think of would be Beth's father but why did Morag attend that? Also, I love little Sally asking for a glass of water and Morag telling her there's a tap outside! So abrupt!
  13. Having not actually read the book, the quote from the end of Frank's book doesn't convince me he necessarily 'loved' Bobby. It seems like the book is focalised from Frank's perspective and I'm sure he genuinely believed he loved Bobby in the moment. I still don't think the two of them ever reached actual 'love' though - but maybe I'm just cynical. Perhaps my different perspective is due to discovering Frank and Bobby's storyline after it was already aired. I started watching the show in 1996 so when I saw the repeats I was already aware of how the storyline was going to end. Perhaps this
  14. ^What about Ben Unwin (Jesse)?
  15. Speaking of Don and Pippa as a couple, hypothetically what might have happened if something had eventuated from those dates, if Pippa had married Donald instead of Michael. Would we have lost Don 7 years earlier in the 1996 floods or would the producers have been more reluctant to kill off an original? And regarding Bobby and Frank's marriage, I have to say I don't think the writers changed history by having Bobby say Frank never loved her. I honestly don't think they reached real love - but that was the draw of the storyline, the honesty of it. It was no-one's fault, perhaps they rushed
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