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  1. OMG, it was Jon's B-Day. Happy Belated B-Day Jon
  2. I love the Fear ones, awsome!!!!
  3. Really!! Do you want me to make it smaller because I just realised it's quite big?
  4. It's not that good but here you go:)
  5. I will make you some, if it's not too late
  6. I did that once and I just couldn't type
  7. Love that sig. It's really good
  8. They are very good. I love the colouring, it's super!!
  9. They are really great Jen. I love the second one!!
  10. I made you one, I didn't edit out the backround though. Hope it's OK
  11. Love them all Jen I can't pick a fave
  12. Cal that is bizzare Preparing for lunch and I only just had my breakfast!!!
  13. Love the colouring on them Yummy!!
  14. I had hiccups the other day, and the teacher in class thought I was faking!!
  15. I love them both They made me laugh I remeber the simpsons episode in the first one, wasn't it a halloween one
  16. Great chapter Cal I'm totally hooked on this fic.
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