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  1. It was so funny with Jazz and Amanda. And the bit with Sally, Miles and Leah, was so funny, it made me cry because I know Sally has left now. Jazz: I'll go put the kettle on then, make some tea. Amanda: Umm... I'll go with you Jazz: Why? Amanda: Well, I need to show you how.
  2. Oh god! That one of Sally smiling is amazing! Everything about it is awesome!
  3. Wow. I love your coloring, it's really bright and vibrant. I can't pick a fave, because they are all so good!
  4. Wow. I love the last GG one. Do you possibly know what font it is?
  5. I love the leah and sally one! You really capture the emotion.
  6. I was just wondering, what ever happened to the active users list. It seems to have been missing for a few days, or longer.
  7. I made this earlier, maybe this will do you, I can make more if you want
  8. I love the Ric/Mattie one. Excellent cropping.
  9. I love the 2 Sal ones! Great cropping.
  10. Wanna know how much I am screaming right now!? ARGH! *Cries*

  11. I certainly do love Brally. The problem is I don't have enough time to write a fanfic because of boring old school! But I would really like to write one.

  12. Well. It's not his b-day yet, but I am telling people that it is hot Lincoln Lewis's b-day on the 24th. But I just couldn't wait to tell him. Happy Birthday Lincoln, in 4 days
  13. You made a sequel!!! Woohoo!! This is great Cal, I love it.
  14. Sexyback - Justin Timberlake
  15. I love the second Mattie one, excellent work!
  16. I will do one. One question do you want it to say "Hot Dan" or "Hot Damn" because I think you miss typed.
  17. Anyone here. I'm lonely
  18. Here are 3 Mattie Sigs for Natalie.
  19. I love the Brally one Jen
  20. At this very moment in time I am eating an Apple
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