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  1. I'm sure Belle gave Irene more than one letter for Aden. I can't really remember. And Nicole and Belle were pushed together because of what Belle was going through. She needed a friend and Nicole became that friend. It made sense and it was believable as Nicole was so close to Aden so she would obviously spend time with Belle. I'm so excited about seeing Nicole and Aden together, I think they will be perfect for each other
  2. I love these two together. It's good seeing them there for each other although i was hoping they would have a heart to heart over everything thats been happening but oh well :-)
  3. I think Nicole wasn't going to the wedding because she felt bad letting Aden marry Belle when he didn't know she was dieing. Nicole felt like she was betraying him and didn't agree with what Belle was doing and thats why she wasn't going. She thought Aden deserved to know. I'm not really a fan of Aden and Belle but this recent storyline has been really good. They've done really well and I know it's going to be really sad.
  4. I can totally see why Nicole is acting how she is at the moment. She's just lost her dad and her home and Aden is too busy with Belle so the only thing she still has is Trey. I think Kirsty and Jai just need to move on and accept Trey. I know he caused them a lot of problems but deep down he is a nice guy and he did the right thing in the end and he is good for Nicole. Miles is putting up with him so they should make the effort as well. Tessa James is doing an amazing job and i cried so much when roman left. I really wanted her to move in with Aden, she just seems so out of place with Miles, Kirsty and Jai. And he having a downward spiral fits with her character. None of us really expected her to just accept her new family and settle down, did we?
  5. I think Ruby should get with Jai!! I really don't like this storyline with her and Xavier! She's a great character though and i'm loving her new friendship with Nicole. Xavier brings her down, I just don't think their relationship works.
  6. I've been loving the Nicole and Aden stuff! I really hope they get their friendship back on track though and maybe in the future it can develop into more! Belle/Aden is just boring now!!! Nicole and Aden have so much chemistry! I love it.
  7. I think they should stay friends for a while and then become a couple like Mattie and Ric did. I love Aden/Nicole scenes and they are part of the reason that she is now one of my favourite characters.
  8. I am really starting to dislike Belle. She is getting really boring and I miss the old Belle. She was so much better when Ric, Drew and Mattie and the others were around. She just annoys me now and I don't feel sorry for her at all and she used to be one of my favourite characters Nicole should definately tell Aden the truth!
  9. I love Aden/Nicole together- they are much better than Aden and Belle who are getting really really boring! I am hoping Aden and Nicole are the new Ric and Matilda.
  10. i love this story! it's so sad! ric and matilda are so sweet and i'm glad sally is there for her! Is drew still in this story?
  11. I love jodie/paul and callan and kate!! i really want to see more of indi and mark, they make me laugh, i love all the characters in this fic especially jess, ian, indi, mark, nic and kate!! i love the whole thing, it's amazing!!
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