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  1. Dont get me wrong, I'm happy that she did say something, I was so mad that Sally stood Brad up like that, I just thought that calling Flynn ''a ghost'' was very cruel. But I'm glad they made friends again, I guess they were both in the wrong. I loved their friendship too, in a way I wish that things with Brad & Sally had worked out, even though I am glad they didn't get married as it was way too soon after Emily & Flynn. Perhaps if they had kept Brad in it a little longer and they had both left to travel the world or something. Oh well! I agree, she has grown up alot and this marriage does suit her character way better than it did with Kim. I can not wait to see how she copes being a mum. I hope that we get to see the baby too, although Im not too sure we will see it often, as babies are very hard to handle on set.
  2. I think that she handled the Belle situation very well and I cant believe that people could find anything wrong with what she did. I also dont blame her in the Kim/Kit/Rachel/Hugh situation either, as Kim neglected her time after time. Not only did he cheat on her in the bush (and Im actually mad at Rachel for 'understanding the position he was in' as it was a really pathetic excuse) but he also chose Kit and Archie over her time and time again. One example, When Rachel & Kit were dangling off a cliff, he blamed Rachel for getting a migrane even after she risked her life to save Kit & the baby. There were so much more situations that I just wanted to scream at him! Then he kissed Kit AGAIN. I know its probably very biased of me as I'm a Rachel fan, but I was actually a bigger fan of Kim at the time, and that just totally put me off him. And I dont always agree with Rachel I will admit. I hated when she was with Lewis. Ugh. And when she had a go at Sal after she left Brad at the alter.
  3. I'm sure something will happen in the next few weeks!
  4. How hot did he look on his wedding day!?
  5. She was amazing with Belle, she really is a superdoc- what other doctor would rush into the hospital in her wedding dress and save the day!?
  6. When it was announced that Rachel was going to say a few extra words, for some reason I thought she was going to tell him the sex of the baby!
  7. Im not the biggest Belle fan, but I have to say I really felt sorry for her when Geoff attacked her over the drug thing. I mean, he had no right and then he had the cheek to tell everyone out at the farm. I really hate him at the moment after that little stunt. And I have to say Im loving Belle's new hair. Is it just me or does she look more and more like Mischa Barton!? When she OD'd today for a second I thought I was watching The OC when Marissa collapsed in the alley way!
  8. The wedding was just- FINALLY!! A TACHEL EPISODE!! I loved it so much, it was just so beatuiful! From the vows to the cute little dance...it was like heaven for us Tachel fans!! There are alot of Tachel related stuff on the OS, but nothing with Amy & Jon, except one picture!
  9. I loved how she handled things with Belle- For the first time in ages I actually felt sorry for Belle, probably because of the way Geoff reacted. I cant wait for the wedding & the baby.
  10. I loved them at the time...I honestly dont know why! Poor family were in life threatening situations every week!
  11. Loved that chapter! please update soon! After reading this I would love if they actually brought Kim back for a few episodes!
  12. I totally get what you are all saying about her dialogue, sometimes she talks way too proper (is that the word Im looking for here??) compared to the other residents in summerbay! And as for her being whiny, I really disagree. I mean...just look at Belle. Anywho...I love Tachel!
  13. I dont want them to leave...ever! All my fav characters have left and they are the only 2 I have left.
  14. I dont usually post in here as Eastenders is only something I watch every now and then, but I walked in the room and only saw about the last minute, and I have to say, it was shocking. So sad. I will be watching the repeat tomorrow!
  15. I dont want Alf to give her away either- I mean, they arent exactly close it would be too random. Im still sticking with the idea of Leah.
  16. ^I agree! I really like them as a 4-some!
  17. ^Watched it on youtube and I agree, it was great!
  18. ^I totally know what you mean. I dont know why they wont just take the easier option and play the add's when its appropiate!
  19. I think the last time she was mentioned was in relation to the wedding rings? I remember Brad telling Kim that the wedding rings were identical to their mum's and then Beth telling Rachel that by having the rings is a way to include her in the wedding day in a different scene. Are people really irritated by Rachel having her hand on her stomach? I mean...how can you be irritated by that??
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