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  1. Jeepers Creepers!! Don't like the ending.
  2. I'm watching 'How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days' right now. How EMBARRASSING! ¬¬ =]
  3. Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney
  4. I've been listening to that loads lately, too =] ...But it puts me into a depression when I'm listening to it...but isn't it supposed to be a happy song? =S Hmm! Anyway, I'm listening to Nine In The Afternoon - Panic! At The Disco =]
  5. Thanks For The Memories - Fall Out Boy Bit old that is now, isn't it... =/
  6. Anyone seen The Island? That's such a great film! If anyone's into action films that has action through MOST of the film, you'll love it =]
  7. Has been rainy and windy most days but today the sun was out but wasn't too hot. Then we had about an hour of the weather that makes you say ".....oh.....it's hot..." and then it started getting cloudy. Sun came out again afterwards....I'm so bored of what I'm typing.
  8. Is that the film with David Boreanaz from Angel? Uh...what?! lol. =S
  9. The last film I saw was Bruce AlMighty but the newest film I last saw was Epic Movie. The people I went with called it crap, but I liked it. lol
  10. I'm listening to Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (aka Thanks for the memories ) by Fall Out Boy (My new favourite band ever!) =D Watch some of the videos on youtube or something. They're amazing!
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