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  1. Agreed, Kirsty has become boring and she irritates me these days. She used to be quite a feisty character but since hooking up with Miles it's like she's aged rapidly and become middle-aged overnight.
  2. Thanks for your comments. I should have the next chapter finished by *fingers crossed* either this weekend or early next week. I seem to have less and less time to write these days. Anyway, it's mainly Cassie/Hayley but will inclued some Martha/Kane and then hopefully the following chapter we'll rejoin the Barry/Irene/Kim scene.
  3. Well, I know I pretty much ran out of ideas as to how to remove Dani from the main body of the story and so had to ask you to suspend disbelief while Kirsty climbed the drainpipes but I was hoping somebody liked it. **shrugs**
  4. My sister has a theory about how Tony will be caught and it's quite interesting. She reckons Jimmy (Tony's friend) will see the other hairdresser working on her own late at night (the new-ish actess in it, I don't know her name, is she called Natasha?? ), think it's Maria (unaware that Maria is away in Cypurs) and threaten her...So then the other hairdresser will realise Tony did kill Liam... This isn't a spoiler of course, just my sister's theory, but it's a pretty good one...
  5. **sigh** Looks like I'm the only one reading this again. Nevermind, I'm going to bed.
  6. I always thought Kate Garven (Jade) was the best actress out of the three Sutherland girls. Even tho I didn't like the twin storyline I felt every emotion because Kate acted the part so well.
  7. They were the reason I wrote my first fanfic tho admittedly it was because I was concerned H&A hadn't dealt with Dani's trauma very sympathetically and some of the younger viewers didn't seem to grasp what had really happened. Having said that, I had - and still have - a very soft spot for Kane and think Sam Atwell is fantastic in the role. Like many people I hate the "rapist gone good" storyline H&A churns out on an apparently fairly regular basis but I did feel Kane was an exception as he was genuinely sorry when Dani made him realise what he'd done and he tried to be a better person. Kirsty...well, I was less keen on Kirsty. With Kane, she was fantastic and there was certainly chemistry there, the couple were very believable. The Kirsty who has returned, I don't like her very much at all tho this is down to bad scriptwriting. The escort storyline is dreadful and I don't buy her working as a secretary in a school either despite Barltett (yeugh!) having a crush on her. The original Kirsty was very sporty and no matter how many years have passed, she would still be more at home wearing jeans and trainers working in a sports shop or at the gym. But as for Kirsty "loving" Miles...where do I begin? It's just a few short weeks since her husband, her soul-mate, the father of her child, the guy she fought with every ounce of being to be with, was jailed. There is NO WAY the idea of Kirsty beginning another relationship so soon rings even remotely true and every time I see Kirsty and Miles together all I can think is it doesn't seem natural. Kane, Kirsty and Ollie are the true family and are how it should be.
  8. Come on, guys, I can't believe since the start of the new look Character Appreciation Thread nobody has yet mentioned the star who carries the show and the reason we're all watching H&A!!!! This is the official Oliver appreciation thread. All kids are cute but he's incredibly cute and he acts everybody else off the screen. I love the way that, whatever's happening on the show, he's thoroughly enjoying every moment. Where on earth did they find such a perfect little kid to play Kane and Kirsty's son? Is he related to someone on the show or was he registered with an agency or something?
  9. Thanks. I know it's a bit late (well, a week) but I only just noticed your post! I'm a bit slow at times...
  10. Okay, guys, you talked me into not abandoing this fic! I've been working on the next chapter and it should be ready, time permitting, within a week. It's just it's 3,000 words long at the moment and I haven't finished saying everything I want to say yet.
  11. Happy Birthday, Kat, hope you had or you're having -depending on the time zone and how long your celebrations are going on! :))))) -a brilliant day.

  12. Not wishing to be rude or anything but don't you think you are being a bit melodramatic? This fic forum is popular and things can slip down the page in a matter of hours. This is one of the most popular fics there is if the viewing numbers are anything to go by. Nope, just pessimistic. I don't have much confidence in what I write and convince myself it's rubbish and everybody hates it if nobody responds... and I suspect the viewing numbers just go a bit erratic sometimes as this fic has had about 250+ hits since the last chapter was posted - I'd like to think they did, but I doubt that many people have hit on this site in just a couple of days! Thanks for your nice comments and, princess sparkle, thanks for your lovely review too. Greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi Kat

    How is Australia? Hope you're enjoying yourself. Not that I'm jealous or anything...

  14. I think I might as well stop writing this. Seriously. If it slips down to the bottom of the page that quickly then nobody's interested in reading it and we're all obviously wasting our time.
  15. I just began reading this story this afternoon. Kept distracting me from working on my own fic! Very well written and interesting.
  16. Great story, well written and with very believable characters. I envy the way it flows, my own writing is like a block of wood at the moment!
  17. I'm back!!! from hols and *sigh* back at work very soon... Could some nice kind person move this fic to the Northern Districts Library? Thanks.
  18. I loved that bit, it really stood out for me as my dad actually told me something very similar when I was a kid. I agree with everyone else about how you've written the different viewpoints, especially Kirsty and her feelings for Kane. The end was really really sweet. Your writing is as poetic and lovely as ever ILM. Are you continuing this? or was it just a oneshot? Adia!!!! Haven't seen you around here for ages. No, it's a oneshot. It's just something I wanted to write and something a bit short(ish) I could work on till I get back from hol and can work on SBH again. Tho, being an awkward sod, I want to work on SBH right now - probably because I hate packing and keep taking stuff out of the case and then putting other stuff in and now I think it's way too heavy - I won't get very much (if any) of any SBH done anyway as I'm leaving around lunchtime tomorow and it's much easier drinking tea and going on the internet instead... ps My Mum came from a seaside town and told me something similar too!
  19. ***sighs*** Never mind, I liked it anyway.
  20. Going on hol for 2 weeks end of Sept so there will be a while till the next chapter.
  21. Sorry I still can't figure it out. I get so far and then it doesn't upload. I think I'll wait till someone uploads it to the gallery.
  22. Yay, I knew if I stayed online long enough someone would tell me! I'll have a go...
  23. Thanks and sorry for the late reply. I really like the one of Ollie in the bottom left corner but how do I upload it? I'm not good with computers.
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