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  1. LOL. I know, that's usually my excuse whenever I have writer's block!!!! Thanks for your comments, everyone. This will be the last time I'll be online now for at least two weeks, maybe longer, depending on when I get a new computer after I get back from hol. I'll start work on the next chapter soon as that happens.
  2. The Simpsons, yesterday. I actually got home from work in time to watch it for once and, even better, it was an episode I hadn't seen before AND they were in London so loads of funny stuff about our English traditions.
  3. Thanks for your comments. I think only Irene and Barry fans are following now. LOL Maybe I should forget about all the other characters and write exclusively about Irene and Barry! Or, better still, I could just write about Aden and Belle...
  4. Well, it's good to know that since I posted the latest chapter about 140 people have read it, but it would be nice to know if anyone liked it...
  5. Thanks for the 580+ hits since I posted the last chaper I'm amazed and flattered that so many people are still following after all this time. Okay, I'll stop being lazy and get offline to go write some more of the latest chapter now...
  6. Thanks for your reply, Red Ranger. I've been finding other stuff to do all day when for once I've actually had the time to write because I feel I really want to introduce the Barry/Irene first meeting so that I can get into the flow of the chapter. So Irene was a school secretary? And theydisliked like each other on first sight? That's great, I can work round that tho I'll be writing my own version. Many thanks for the info!
  7. Good start, Eli, tho I'm a bit mixed up with all the characters. Maybe I should watch H&A more... Sympathise with your computer problems. My own computer keeps switching itself off at random times and it's not worth getting a new one till my flat's been painted and decorated, which isn't going to happen for some weeks yet.
  8. For the next chapter of SBH, I want to do a flashback of Irene and Barry's first meeting. Could someone tell me how it happened and what they thought of each other? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for your lovely comments, Bareenfan. I'm quite proud of creating Megan (they don't have a big-headed Smiley emoticon, do they...? ) Thanks, Floella. I try to be consistent with time and characterization as I can't stand bad continuity so I read through a lot but there are some mistakes. I was reading some earlier chapters today and discovered that both Barry and Irene refer to her as finishing work at the Diner and preparing to go home - when, later in the story, I explain that Irene is living at the Diner while Alf Stewart is on a long vacation! And Whitelady Copse becomes Whitelady Woods over several chapters - but that's deliberate because it's better as a woods. And this story has been going on for so long that all those trees from the copse have grown and grown...
  10. Okay, I have begun the next chapter, which looks, so far, like it's going to be Irene/Barry/Kim and maybe Cassie/Hayley - if the chapter doesn't get too long - but could be a while before updating as I'm looking to move house. If I'm busy moving in the next couple of weeks, I'll prob write a one-shot that has been on my mind for a little while, just to keep my hand in with some writing as I really do need to get out of the fanfic writing business and back to my writing own fiction. Only because you can't try and sell fanfiction tho...
  11. Not Irene and Barry, you would not be so cruel, would you? Not Irene and Barry, you would not be so cruel, would you? No, not them please, especially Irene, bump off Hayley she was always a pain the butt Thank you! Skykat and Eduardo Bearo know who the victim is and they might be open to bribes... I'm working on the next chapter at the moment but think it might be another week before it's ready.
  12. I agree with Salem to some extent - not as strongly and nothing condones violence - but Miles was well aware that Kirsty was already married. Even if Kane did tell her to move on (and bear in mind he thought at the time he was going to be in jail for several years and loved Kirsty and Ollie so much he was more concerned about them than himself) it was just a couple of weeks after Kirsty had been separated from her husband and not by Kane's choice nor by her own choice. Kirsty was a single Mum in a very emotional and vulnerable state and (yeh, yeh, I know he's only following the script! ) Miles took advantage of that fact.
  13. *sigh* Hardly anybody's reading's again. It's not as good as it used to be tho, is it? I shouldn't have got so over-ambitious with storylines. Never mind, I'm around 1,000 words into the next chapter. I think I've got several more chapters to write yet, but I'm going to finish this fic if it kills me, writing it is like an addiction.
  14. I have to agree with what some posters have said, it would have been far better if Kane and Kirsty had never returned as the writers have managed to ruin the story and the only good thing to come out of the sloppy scriptwriting has been Ollie. I think I'd like to see the very annoying Kirsty killed off now and have Kane as a single Dad bringing up Ollie *sigh* but as Sam Atwell prefers directing that's never going to happen. I don't understand why there is still so much hatred for Kane either. Yes, he did something horrific but he was genuinely sorry. And that's the part I just don't understand about the hatred. Other people in Summer Bay have done worse things and don't seeem to have had ANY conscience...Barry Hyde killed and buried his wife; Angie - well, she messed up everybody in the Bay, didn't she? And didn't her own son kill her? And then there was the Stalker, how many people did she cold-bloodedly murder? For me, the big difference is that Kane did have a conscience and tried to make up for his actions and the fact that even Dani forgave him in the end speaks volumes. I'm not saying being sorry makes everything alright, but WHY the hatred when other characters do terrible things too and don't seem to lose a single night's sleep over what they've done?
  15. Sounds to me like you've been watching too much Home and Away! :lol:
  16. Kim and Barry really have an unusual relationship. There is this kind of distance and sadness between them, yet a mutal admiration and respect for each other at the same time. I think they have this kind of love for each other that is so strong that it becomes so painful (something I can relate to!) - and I guess you could say it is exemplified by Barry's absolute devotion to protect Kim and how much he sacrificed (ie: his wife!) I'm glad that Irene was there, she really does soften Barry Hyde's character, and the way you wrote how she was a "chink in his armour" was lovely. The flashbacks were also very effective. Barry burying his wife was quite haunting. Great writing as always ILM. Your writing has this effect on me where I suddenly feel inspired to write something... anything! lol! Can't wait to see what happens next! Thanks. I re-read the chapter for the first time in a week and it sounded slightly better than I remembered. I don't mind drama but I really hate doing "heavy" and seeing as Barry killed his wife in the show there was no other way round it. What's happening with All That You Can't Leave Behind?
  17. Thanks for your reviews. For anyone following, the latest chapter of SBH "Showdown" (Barry/Irene/Kim) has today been posted on fanfiction.net under TV shows "Home and Away". One day I might learn how to do hyperlinks but until then... There's no view count registering on BTTB and as I like to keep tabs on the view count there doesn't seem much point in posting here until it's sorted. When it is, I'll post the chapter on here as well, but in the meantime it can be accessed on fanfiction.net and any comments can be left in either place.
  18. Nice to have you back in the fanfics, Eli! You don't seem to have written anything for ages - or if you have I've missed it. I don't get much time for reading most stories on here but this being an Eli one-shot I had to check it out and I wasn't disappointed. Well, I nearly was about something but I'll tell you more about that nearer the end of this review. There were some really great lines. I've picked out my three faves from the first part of the fic: No roof is big enough to contain that kind of deep, dark despair. Because with her death it suddenly became a lot harder not to allow myself to touch that dark, definite and painfully final feeling called acceptance. Sometimes floating around and bumping into coincidences sounds a lot safer. But this was my very favourite part of the fic: As I walk up to her house, I can hear music from the other side of it. She's probably on the balcony, enjoying her life; bathing in sun rays and listening to songs she discovered in her youth. Well written tho this was, I thought it was in danger of being too gloomy and introspective and, yes, that was despite the glimmers of hope about acceptance. But I got to that part and wow! The fic was lifted right out of the heaviness and became a great story. I love that those two sentences came so unexpectedly and, not only that, it was an instant image. Very, very cleverly done. Well done, Eli, great one-shot and the last line about Tony taking a chance was perfect.
  19. I shouldn't be posting in my own thread but what the hell, I've been doing some work on fanfic as I'm off work today and I thought I deserved a break from writing. Bareenfan (and anyone else who's following but particularly Bareen fan because I know you were keen to read it) you'll be pleased to hear the Barry/Irene/Kim chapter is at least halfway done now!
  20. Oliver was so natural with Kane when he and Kirsty visited him in the hospital, you'd have thought he really was his Dad! I've noticed he always seems very relaxed and happy in scenes with Sam Atwell. I wonder if he already knew him before H&A, maybe his parents being friends with the actor or something? I know he's pretty much relaxed with everyone but with Kane (Sam Atwell) there definitely seems to be a connection. Whatever, well done, casting department!
  21. Wanda, It's great to see you back. How is Danusia getting on with her gymnastics? And is there any chance of you reprising Selfless Love? I loved that fic and I still remember you didn't finish it!

  22. Keep guessing. The erratic hit count of this fic baffles me - first it averages only about 10 hits a day and I think hardly anybody's reading so it's not worth carrying on, then it jumps by over 230 in just two days so I think either quite a few people are reading or one person feels sorry for me so hits on the fic 200 times to pretend there's a lot more (I'm not joking, I really do think that at times ). Thanks for your comments, Corey and Bareenfan and I'll try and see what I can come up with. I don't promise it'll be any good because I think I have lost my way a bit but I've made a vague start on Barry/Kim/Irene today - tho it's all over the place at the moment!
  23. Okay, going out soon so only staying on line for 10 mins or so. I've been so disappointed with the lack of response to the last chapter that I really don't know whether it's worth my while continuing. As it wasn't my idea in the first place (I took over from Skykat circa chapter 12-15 or thereabouts who created a fantastic original idea and is a brilliant writer ) I have always found it extremely difficult to write. I enjoy writing but I enjoy writing anything whether fanfic or original fiction and it's soul destroying when nobody seems very interested so I was wondering whether to abandon it altogether and go back to work on original stuff. I personally don't think my last two chapters were as good as they should have been and I'm well aware that I've kind of lost my way so I think maybe people have picked up on that? I do know how I want to end SBH - whether it'll be any good is anyone's guess , sometimes I like my writing and sometimes I think it's pretty poor quality - but whether I should continue is up to you. I have to admit I haven't done any work since the last chapter was posted because the poor view count and lack of reviews suggests that nobody particularly cares either way. Like many of you, I work full time and it's very difficult to find any spare time for writing. If anyone wants me to carry on, I'll see what I can come up with, otherwise this fic will be abandoned and left to fend for itself in the Vault.
  24. Yes! Kirsty's character has been badly damaged because they've tried to turn her middle-aged and Miles' character has been totally ruined because he's become boring too in this unbelievable relationship. When he first appeared he was a fascinating, eccentric character and he loses that eccentricity once he's paired with anyone . Boring = short soap shelf life whereas a larger-than-life character stays indefinitely. I'm amazed whoever makes these decisions hasn't figured that out yet. Someone needs to let them know, they seem to imagine she's just hit 40! ETA: Oops, I forgot, that last sentence might have been a spoiler so I've deleted it. G'nght!
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