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  1. I'll call you QA from now on. I'm used to having to type everything out in full. It's a translator's job and you are paid more. Comments please? Havn't been on this part of the forum for ages, or the forum itself much really either as have far too much work on and don't need any more distractions! lol But have just been looking at some of your artwork and it's really good. I especially love this last batch. The Todd ones, Conrad/Esther ones and Group one are my favourites. Where are those photos from if you don't mind my asking?! Was it some kind of photo shoot or something?!
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  3. Sorry if this is in the wrong place or it says somewhere else on the forum but i was just wondering if anyone knew what the episode number of the most recently screened UK episode/episodes is/are please? We have just had Drews 18th and Lucas having to have his stomach pumped over the Tony/Naomi thing! Thanks if anyone can help or point me in the right direction to find out.
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  5. Don't listen to her Jack, it can't be over! Nicole, how could you do this to us?! Poor poor Jack! Gosh Martha is stubborn! Everything he did (even though maybe he didn't handle the situation in the best way) he did for her! Grrrr! How could you leave us there Nicole! Great writing though! Can't wait to see what happens next! Update when you can!
  6. Awww that conversation between Tony and Martha was so unbelievably cute! But who is this women and why on earth does she want Martha dead.....?! Hmmmm only time will tell i suppose! Cant wait for Martha and Jack to talk....hope it goes well! Cant wait for the next update! Excellent writing Amber!
  7. Awwww poor Jack! I could feel all the hurt and pain he was feeling! I know Marthas angry but she has to at least let him explain! He went through hell because of Henry.....grrrr! Hope they listen to each other in the next chapter when they talk! Great writing Nicole, keep it up! Update when you can!
  8. Awwww Nicole! I just caught up and how have things gone so wrong! One chapter Martha and Jack were happy together and she was about to tell him everything about the Eamon/Richard situation so they could try and be with each other and now........ Hope Henry doesnt hurt either of them! Cant wait for the next chapter to see what happens! Update when you can!
  9. Did you get my pm?!


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  11. Awww that was sooooo good Nicole! And the perfect thing i needed to make me happy after staring at basically a blank computer screen all night apart from my essay title frustrated because i cant be bothered to write any of it! lol It was so well written and i could feel the emotion between Martha and Jack! It was definitely worth the wait but now i just dont know whats going to happen next?! I mean yay they finally admited their true feelings too each other and what led on from that! lol But what now?! What about Henry? And Eamon? Richard? The parents? Who knows? Dont leave us in suspense too long, update when you can! EDIT: Oooh and Sian im sure there was a near kiss experience in an alley shortly after Jack got back if i remember correctly!
  12. Awwww poor Martha! Grrr to Joy, making Jack take his rings off like that! Anyone can see they are both still in love with each other (well except themselves that is! lol) I like Jason! Hmmm wonder who is going to be in an accident?! Update soon so we can find out!
  13. Yay! I too am looking forward to the update! And dodgy or not you fics are awesome! Hehe! Good work Nicole, i now have something to look forward to tomorrow to distract me from my essay on the prison crisis! lol
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