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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO plz dont kill Matilda. dont kill any of them this is not fair not Matilda....her and Lucas belong together
  2. Yes i have martha cancer but who's to say that its Martha that dies........ HERE is a little snippet of whats happening in part II
  3. OMFG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im hooked. this is such a great story and im starting to think that niehter belle, henry or Matilda die....i have a feeling that Ric will die.........he wasnt that badly hurt and yes he may never walk again but its alwasy the person you least expect to die....PLEASE UPDATE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON
  4. yeah it was quiet a b**ch fight and i'm here to tell you there will be alot more between the two of them. Yes Henry is back but he is back for a reason and it will shock everyone when you find out why he is back. next part to chapter 6 coming up soon
  5. You will be surprised when you find out who is after sally but its not JUST sally they are after. chapter 6 will be up very soon
  6. Well if you would like a sequel.......who would you like to be in it? you choose 2 ppl...... male and female and they dont have to be in the show they can be made up....
  7. Hey i thought i would give you guys and little snippet for my next chapter.... hope you like it and the next chapter which is coming up.
  8. would you like me to post the next few chapters now?
  9. hey every1....i think you will be surprised why diesel is back and will be even more shocked to find out what he does......all i can tell you is that things get a little dramatic so STAY TUNED
  10. hey thanx for reading my fan fic guys....i appreciate knowing that people like my writing.......chapter 5 will be posted soon
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