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    Ok well I love writing, it is my pasion and I hope to one day become an author, I love reading, I read novels like HP n other stuff, I also read magazines like GF but more now I read Dollly . . . i like writing poems and I listen to all sorts of music and making stuff . . ♥

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About Me

About Me:

Name: Rebecca

Prefered: Bec

Age: 30!

Location: Launceston

Relationship Status: Engaged

I'm Bec, 30 from Launceston tasmania.


All My Complete Fics


Am I Perfect Yet?

After losing her mum, Matilda isn't coping at all!

I wrote when I was 15 and well, yeah going through a self harm stage. This was how I was feeling but I thought it good to do about Matilda!

A Haunted Mystery

Includes shocking discoveries about ones past, death, romance and a mystery that will be clueless from the beginning until a meeting brings back the life.

A Summer Romance

All he wanted was some Summer Fun, All she wanted was to fall in love, but when they meet, everything changes, and when he finds out her terrible secret, can he help her before its too late?

Taken [sequel to A 'Summer Romance]

5 years have passed, and they thought things were finally going right for them, Until.... Someone close to Belle and Aden is kidnapped. Who was taken, why, what was the motive, and will Belle relapse from the pressure?

Anything at All

Martha has to deal with the outcome of what she is going through, she cant do it alone and is terrified about the outcome of Life . . . Or her Death!

Cluless Kidnapping

Their relationship was envied, as a couple their love was rejected so when Belle Taylor goes missing its a race against time to find her and with little clues and the suspects stacking up, will she be found in time?

The Aftermath [sequel to 'Clueless Kidnapping]

Belle was kidnapped, beaten, almost raped and nearly lost her life. It's now been a year and Belle is still struggling to trust the people around her, among other things. Is she coping? or will she push away the only people who can help her?

Complicated Desires, Forbidden Meetings

No Description Available

Jack and Martha, A Love Given

Lives are turned upside down, lives are lost and friendship is turned upside down

Keep Bleeding

Just has to do with Belle and Drew's Break up but I have changed it around about about why they really broke up

Lies and Deception

Sam is backked into a corner, someone found out that she murdered Johnny and is now about to kill her. Before her death we see what's going on in her mind before her death and also shows the events following her death with Jack and Martha.

Missing You

After making her feelings clear to Aden, Belle cant stay away.

On the Run

They witnessed a murder, they are on the run... how long until they are found?

Belle Taylor and Matilda Hunter were normal girls, best friends growning up, they lived in Darwin. At 17 years old they still were close. One night, walking home they witness a murder being taken place... now they are in witness protection and have moved from town to town... but every where they go, he finds them... how long can they run for? Will he get rid of the only two people who witnessed it?

Only Hope

They may have split up, but love is still strong in there minds, one terrible night and a photograph causes the beginning of an end and tears and confessions.

Til Death Do us Part

The title Till death do us part is basically about the main gang Matilda, Lucas, Belle and Ric fighting for there friendships, love, life and there future until Declan and Tia arrive in the bay to stir up trouble, betrayal and even hatred and maybe even romance.

Will They Ever Be?

Jack and Martha go to college, Jack's the most popular guy in school and has the hottest girlfriend (Ranya)...wont be in it much... Martha is a nobody, an outcast and is friends with Tasha and Robbie AKA (the geeks) Lucas and Matilda are 15, best friends and bf and gf and spend every waking hour together...


Someone is attacking the woman of Summer Bay, who is it? when they find out, it will send shockwaves through the Bay, girls being raped, assualted, abused, some cant handle what has happened and turn to drugs, alcohol, someone is pregnant from the rape, or is it more than one person, and some commits suicide because of it.

Two Sides to Every Story

Seeing his girlfriend pashing a rock star devastated Geoff. A break up with Aden saw Belle hit the bottle. Coming home, Geoff and Belle hit the bottle, ending up in bed.

But a pregnancy in the mix makes everything come a head for Geoff and Belle. Nicole is missing, Aden is no where to be seen... what if your start to doubt what you see. Nothing is as it seems.

It's a love hate kinda thing

In Summer Bay, stealing boyfriends off other girls is the new in thing, so when Nicole Franklin the new girl starts hitting on the girls boyfriends. The girls band together to not only stop her, but humiliate her.

Sexual Seductions of Dreaming Fantasies

-COMPLETED- Finally! 9-3-2019

Martha is having sexual errotic dreams about her best friend and after a while wants it to happen. Jack is also having the same dreams but about his brother Lucas's gf Matilda but what does all this mean? Will there dreams become reality or just stay as dreams? A dream turns to reality...or does it?

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