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  1. I have updated sexual seductions if there is anyone that still reads or wants to read it. It's almost finished. :)

  2. soooooo.... thought you'd like to know I'm making adelle icons.... didn't take much for you to convince me! its been wayyyyy too long!

  3. I've been good... got a new job... not long ago moved... so things were pretty hectic but were settled now so we got the internet put on... so I'm back =)

  4. hiiiiiiiiii how are you... its been so long.... but im back for a long time this time haha.... how've you been? I've missed talking to everyone on here =)

  5. Thanks for the bday inbox =]

  6. hiiiiiiiiiii omg its been so long ^_^ I am doing well, things have been so busy... and thank you, my av is actually Jess Tovey from her new Movie 'Panic at Rock Island' =] xxx

  7. nawwww hunni... I usede to try and aspire to everyone else, coz they were so amazing... but it just didn't work... as soon as I started my own thing.... I found what worked and what didn't... and yeah I get what you mean about not getting on here much.... I've been dealing/is dealing with some stuff atm thats why I havent been on much

  8. nawwwwww you have an amazing talent also! dont underestimate yourself =]

    and I muchly love you too! xoxox

  9. hehe thank you...SO MUCH for your amazing comment in my graphics thread..... it meant so much to me! =D

  10. Is Romeo still being an ass? I've stopped watching it these days

  11. Yes Romeo doesn't deserve Indi after what he did, and he needs to take responsibility for that.... unless it has something to do with Indi's stalker person... but Romeo needs to prove to Indi he wont do it again... and needs to man up to his mistakes.... but hopefully we get a reconsiliation =]

  12. it looks like the new spoilers suggest indi/romeo for a reconcilliation WOOT....!

    I really hope so.... I want them to get back together, they are just so cute! But I havent seen the lastest episodes lately =\

  13. I know.... Romeo is jsut as much in the wrong as Ruby is but Ruby more so because she know Indi planned a special night for them... and being Indi's friend she shouldn't have gone their in the first place.... that makes me so angry!

    Hmmm... cant say I've watched much Brax/Charlie scenes to like them! LOL

  14. OMG YES.... I love them so much.... grrrrr at Ruby.... ROmeo was such an idiot to sleep with her.... he should have said no! silly boy... I so hope they get back together ^_^

  15. Hey Zoe [=

    Yeah I've been through that... and yes you can still be friends with someone you have feelings for but its very hard to act like just 'a friend' around them... hope that helps \=

  16. thats good to hear... and I also love them... so how is the new year treating you? [=

  17. Happy birthday hunni!!!!!

    have a wonderful day!!! [=

  18. nawwwww thanks so much.... its a poster I made to a fic I'll be writing soon! your very kind thanks ^_^

  19. haha thank you... I made it... its of Mattie when she was a bridesmaid for I think it was Jack and Sam's wedding... you can check it out in my artwork thread :)

  20. Happy Birthday Julie. Hope you have an awesome day and enjoy it ^_^

  21. awwww really... haha yeah there are a few lol... whats the forum url?

  22. hehe... yes I certainly love it, all my completed fics are almost right down the bottom... and I currently have two fics on the go here! hehe... WBU... do you write?

  23. CECIL... welcome to BTTB... yeah I'm good thanks and you? =)

  24. no worries.... hope your feeling better soon... =)

  25. Hey gem did you get your parts of the Ruby collab :) ?

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