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    Boxing training hopefully someday I will be able to take part in a fight
    Amater dramatics
    Playing all kinds of different sports.
    I will give anything a go if I am able too.
    Anything Nerdy haha

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My name is Steve. I consider myself to be a friendly person and a good listener, I have been told I'm quite a funny guy. I also have Cerebral Palsy.

I like to go to gym to take part in some boxing training and one day, when I'm good enough, I would like to have a real boxing match just to see how I would do. When asked why I do it, I think the main reason is that I hope to impress the girls ha ha, but its also fun and keeps me fit. I also play loads of diffrent sports basketball and hockey. But I'm mostly up for trying anything out.

At the moment I'm with a theatre group and we performed Oliver Twist. I've written a number of short stories and a children's picture book. In addition to this I also write Fan Fic. A list of my stories is below.


Boom Boom Pow (completed)
Dating Madness (completed)
Evil Lurks at Check In (completed) 
Exposure of the Beast (completed)
Fate (completed)
For You Are the One (completed)
It's Feeding Time Down The Hatch (completed)
My Psycho Girl (completed)
Pinocchio (completed)
Terror Amongst the Corn (completed)
The Beast Within (completed)
The Galah (completed)
The Murderous Man Made Of Straw (completed)
Things That Go Bump in the Night (completed)

Star Wars Parody:

Bay Wars (completed)
The Empire Strikes Bay (completed)
Return of the Bay Jedi (completed)

Christmas Stories:

The Woes Of Christmas (completed)
Stone the Crow it's Christmas (completed)

With Others:
Summer Bay Horror Story: The Five Curses (completed) (Zetti and Telephoto Marigold)
Beautiful Nightmare (completed) (With Kristen)

On Hiatus:

The Return of a Monster (abandoned)
Without Family You're Nothing (abandoned)
2012: Bay of Destruction (abandoned)

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