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  1. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a Great Day!! Tele


  2. In response to: Good Grief!!! So you want me to finish MH and write two at the same time??? I am being ungrateful, I am so excited with the possibility of 3 new fan fictions about Roman and Ella. I am just so happy that you have continued the stories for so long without it becoming repetitive. Thank you Sarah
  3. **Do not read the summary if you do not wish to know the ending of Missing Heart ** Story Title: Ghost Sight (Sequel to Postcards from Hawaii) Type of story: Long Fic Main Characters: Roman and Ella, Mike and Danni, Aden & Belle, Nic & Geoff, Gabby & Brett, Toby and Amy-Belle, The children, BTTB rating: A Genre: Drama Does story include spoilers: No Any warnings: Will warn at the beginning of each chapter if necessary Summary: Roman lost his sight once before. it made him cherish every single time he saw his wife or kids but when something out of his past turns up in Summer Bay he falls once more into darkness. Determined to cope alone he shuts everyone out, including Ella. How can they get through this? And what is the secret he's not saying.... Tele, are you going to write these one at a time or write "bound by fear, rescued by love" at the same time as "postcards from Hawaii". I just want to read them all now and not have to wait for them. Please put finish missing heart soon so that you can put one of these up soon. Sarah
  4. Wow tele, this is an interesting twist in the story. I was sure that Roman rang one of the boys like Jacko. I can't believe that Angelo is Romans handler and he was so cool about Angelo hanging around the house when he was hiding out in the stables. Please update soon and make it that Roman gets out and can go back to his family without a hassle from Angelo. Thanks Sarah x
  5. Omg! Mike knows now. Yay! I was worried that Mike was being followed by whoever is after the family/Roman. I can't wait to see what happens next. Will Mike tell Roman that Ella thinks she is pregnant? How will Ella explain her pregnancy to the family? Love your writing. Sarah
  6. wow! I loved the interaction between roman and the his men. i liked how they were teasing him with how happy ella and the kids are. i want more tele and i would like some fluff. I want roman to go back to the family and protect them. roman has 8 kids under 15 years that need him and don't forget his grandchildren and his 1 great grandchild. Update soon please, Sarah
  7. Oh my god Tele, that was wonderful and I can't believe that Roman is in witness protection and has not been tempted to go home to his wonderful family. Will he ever be able to reunited with his family but if not will he able to go watch over them from a distance. Is he maybe going to find William? I want and need to read more of this story. I know you have already updated 3 times in such a short period of time but I would love another chapter soon. Thanks Sarah
  8. Tele, thank you for answering all my questions. I am sad of how this family has changed so much in 1 year. I hope they realise that they need each other in this time of crisis. I want danni and mike back together. Please make it a happy ending for the whole family. Will this story be a more light and fluffy storyline or a deep, dark and mournful storyline. Sarah
  9. What can I say Tele? WOW!!! that was so powerful and it was nice to see everyone missing Roman but thinking about all their memories of him. I am hooked already on this story as well as all you others. Over the past month have gone back and read all the other stories related to this one. I hope you never give up writing about this wonderful family. So I now have questions for you: What has happened to William? Did they catch him? Did Roman die instantly? Has Mike and Danni gotten married? Has the stables been built? Has everytime stood still since Roman died? How old are the kids all now? You don't need to answer all my questions as long as they are answered over the next couple of chapters. Thanks Sarah
  10. so tele, i'm jealous that 1. i can't write like you and 2. that ella has roman and all her wonderful kids and she is happy. I can't wait for the next chapter but was wondering who is James married to? Thanks Saraz
  11. Hi tele, I think my brain is failing but is mike and danni still getting married? Will you be writing a new story for this? Has amy-belle had her baby yet? Is she keeping it? Is gabby going to have her baby soon? Is the tension between Jacob and the rest of the family gone?
  12. Happy Christmas!! Hope you have a wonderful day! Tele


  13. Hi, I am loving this fan fiction but can you please tells how old each of the kids are at this point of the story? Thanks Sarah
  14. Hey, is gabby pregnant with Jacobs baby? If so I feel sorry for her and the family.
  15. wow I love this, I want to know more. Is Aden the father of the baby? please update soon.
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