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    I hope that Shelby coming back means she can make amends with Rachel. She was awful to her when we first met her. Don't think the movie is out here. Not that excited for it but I'll go and see it none the less.
  2. I love them. The Aden ones are great.
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Was good but not as good as the first three.
  4. Gorgeous. I love the colouring and cropping.
  5. I love the cropping on all of them.
  6. I love all of them. I've snagged a bunch.
  7. When In Rome. Was ok. Some of it was really lame but it was cute.
  8. Just me, again. O. M. F. G. Elena kissed Damon. And, and, and Vicki's back! Wether it's just part of Jeremy's mind but Bonnie did something good for once. I find it funny that it took Jeremy such a long time to keep a girlfriend and now he's got 3.
  9. Lise


    The only one I can help you with, is Rachel - she sung 'Go Your Own Way'.
  10. The last episode made me cry.
  11. Scream 4. I found it more funny than scary.
  12. I love the colouring on the last batch.
  13. Everything looks beautiful, Jen. I love the last batch.
  14. I love them, Amy. The cropping is great.
  15. Thank you, Barbara!

  16. I love the b&w colouring with the hint of red.
  17. Those are great. I love the colouring and cropping.
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