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  1. Will anyone watch this week's episode? I don't watch anymore but I will watch this and then I'll never watch again. It just needs to end and here is a nice place.

  2. I'm getting a little bit sick of the whole 'we have to save Elena every episode' thing. It's getting a bit old now. Elena seriously needs to lay off Damon. She's tried to get him to feel something all series and he falls in love with her and she tells him he cares too much. There's too much to and fro with her.

    I adore Caroline but the writing of hers leaves something to be desired at times. I really like Klaus and Caroline but I don't think it'll go anywhere.

    If they kill Alaric... :angry2: :angry2:

  3. I'll do spoilers, too just in case.

    I hate Caroline's Dad. What he did was completely out of line. If he gave her a chance, he'd realise that she's still his little girl. Love that Liz has accepted her.

    I don't know if I like Tyler as a hybrid especially because he's sired to the most evil and powerful vampire to ever exist. I loved him so much as a werewolf.

    Ripper!Stefan is the best thing ever! I love him so much.

    I hate (really hate) that they completely chucked how they'd written Anna and Vicki's relationships with Jeremy for the ghost storyline. He used Anna to try to get closer to having Vicki back but that's not how they've written either of them this time around.

    I knew Katherine wasn't dead. She's too big of a character for a crappy death like that.

    I feel like a lot of what Damon does is purely for the shock value of it. There's no other reason for it. I don't like them using a character as good as his for that sort of stuff.

    I love Rebekah's sass. She's cute! They hugely underused Mikael. They killed him off far too quickly.

    I love Stefan stealing Klaus' coffin.

  4. I loved last weke's episode of Glee can't wait for episode 6 I read in TV week that

    Chord Overstreet will return to his role as Sam in episode 8 and Jonathan Groff as Jesse St James new coach of Vocal Adrelin

    Jon is the only person I'll watch this show for. Jesse better be coming back to whisk Rachel off to NY!

    This show started off with so much promise and was supposed to be so different but it's turned into a daytime soap. It's storylines are so cheesy and bad.

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