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  1. Happy Birthday Jen!

  2. Sounds like you've had a great day. Yes, I'm not happy about the All Blacks either. I was so excited to go and they didn't even play well :(

  3. Hi. I keep reading your sig and I know it's from a song but I just can't work out which one it is and who it's by?!?!

  4. Thank you! Wish I had made it though.

    You are lucky getting to live in Surfers Paradise. I love it there apart from all of the snakes and spiders!

  5. Lol! I only just found your comment too. No, I don't remember anymore so it doesn't matter! Thanks anyway. Your artwork is great, btw

  6. Yes, they are from WHO. That mags not out here yet but I will buy it when it is! I probably could make one if I tried but x__briiahh made the one I'm using.

  7. I found it today too. Best magazine article ever!

  8. Happy Birthday Stephy! Have an awesome day. What I'd give to be 16 all over again.

  9. Happy Birthday Bec! Hope you have an awesome day.

  10. Happy Birthday Mira! Hope your having an awesome day.

  11. Hey Suz.

    Happy Birthday!

  12. Hey. Things are alright here. Dunedin never changes. Do you like Welly better than here? I just read your comment in the 'have a moan' thread - I'm sorry that you've had a bad birthday.

  13. Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was 12:48 when you left that comment so it was just past my birthday. I had an alright day. I still have to get around to reading the latest chapter of your fic. Good luck with your exams!

  14. Wellington is good. I haven't spent much time there but the shopping is very good. The new mall we got is boring. How is Uni going?

  15. Thanks for the birthday wishes. My days been alright. How are you? I love your 'about me' section. I'm with you on the Tinc hug.

  16. That does sound like a nice prospect. If only we got more of them. I was quite annoyed when Belle and Annie stepped in when they were about to tear each other to peices the other day!

  17. Lise

    Hehe. No problem! It's always nice having your birthday close to Easter coz you get lots of chocolate! Hope you had a good day.

  18. I know what you mean about spending too much time on here. I have to drag myself off here to get to work somedays! Love, love, love the last chapter of your fic. You almost had me in tears.

  19. Wow! That's a lot of work. Good luck with it. That's if you can drag yourself off here.

  20. Lise

    Happy Birthday Jayde! I LOVE your av. I miss Tam.

  21. Ouch! I know how you feel. Exercise hurts. It's sooo cold here. It's snowed most of the day but it stopped later this afternoon.

  22. Oh, and the AB's better not play like for two weeks in a row.

  23. Hey! Happy Birthday. Hope you have a good day.

  24. Happy Birthday Lily! Have a great day.

  25. Lise

    Happy Birthday Andrew! Have an awesome day.

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