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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. It's just ridiculous and because of that it will never be ok.
  3. It's totally ridiculous. Not only does he look so much older but how did he get this tall?
  4. She needs a reality check. She seems to think the whole world revolves around her.
  5. I love the Samara Weaving icons.
  6. I didn't know if she was called Denny or Dani. I think that's the Australian accent so it was good to see it written down here.
  7. I could see her turning up miles off but it does put Heath in difficult place which is kinda entertaining to watch.
  8. I love Chris. He can be hilarious but also completely down about something. We are seeing some depth to him which is good and lets us see how Johnny's acting is improving.
  9. I love the colours in your icons.
  10. I love the older characters. Your cropping is wonderful.
  11. You get such pretty colours in your icons, Jen.
  12. They are so pretty. I love how you can make red pop so much.
  13. Lise


    I was, yes. It was sad but that didn't make it a good episode. It just reminded me how bad the show has gotten.
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