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  1. Loving Brody. He's Mr peacemaker at the moment and I'm really enjoying him. Also enjoying his relationship with Mason which is pretty cute.
  2. I like him but agree Mason Morgan is some sort of Mills & Boon name right there.
  3. Any chance of some Casey icons? I am dying inside. You are so talented.
  4. I wonder if Ricky's request to Casey to keep Brax out of what was going on will ever come out in the wash. I'd almost rather it didn't as it'd cause friction between them. But ow. I wonder if Ricky will remember her request and reflect on it now in the light of all this. I think it was a totally reasonable request but Brax would be devastated if he knew.
  5. Easily my favourite character and favourite Braxton. How I will miss this kid. Amazing young actor in my opinion and a lovely guy. Bye bye our sweet Casey you've been through so, so much for it to end there. Tragic doesn't even come close to that moment and will now be forever associated with this character. My HAA heart has broken and I doubt I'll get too invested ever again.
  6. This was SO good. I am really happy to find some Sid/Dex there's not enough Walker family stories out there. You've inspired me.
  7. I want to give a high five to Charles Cottier for his work as Dex this year. I think he deserves serious recognition and kudos and awards for his portrayal of a brain injured character. 2012 we have seen Dex support his sister, father through the murder of Stu, realize and reconnect with his April love, get into nursing, thrive at the hospital, rent their first place, go through the trauma of a car accident that was in no way his fault, learn to talk, walk and struggle back to normalcy again, He's impressed me SO much. I can't even say. To see all these sides to Dex that Charles has fleshed out. So much more than the comedy of previous years for his character and so impressive. Even with all these twists and turns and hurdles that have been thrown at Dex he's stayed completely true to his character, sweet, thoughtful, selfless and funny and I have been so freaking blown away with Charles's performance. A+ Dexter Walker year for me. I can not WAIT to see him deal with the fallout from this year into 2013.
  8. Hey how are you doing? Am wondering if you did get my message-I sent to you a month ago about you doing video requests. Hope you are well xx

  9. I so loved Dex today. So desperate to help April and still struggling so hard with what he's going through. I'm getting a bit annoyed with the people surrounding him though with their low estimations I mean the drs said he'd never walk or talk again potentially and now look at the boy? He's come such a long way and I would like his family and April to give him a bit of credit for that I really would. He is such a strong character and I'm so impressed with all the nuances and moments Charles Cottier is putting in to this to make this so believable. It's so obvious how much all this has affected him and he should be so applauded for that. He has brought all kinds of new dimensions to Dexter even whilst keeping the number 1 thing that's lovable about him his big heart. Meep. Love Dex SO much.
  10. I'm going to place an early suggestion that Sasha gets with Kyle. There I said it. I feel that's what might happen.
  11. Jen your icons are just flawless. I hope you don't mind me using one. Absolute mad kudos, they are beautiful.
  12. No words for how much I am adoring Dex right now. He's in such a lot of pain right now and CC is rocking the house with his performance. Love him. Dex has got as Sid said a really long road ahead of him, i just hope real Dex fights his way back from all this. Poor kid.
  13. He is really impressing me with this Dex storyline, nice to see some bonding and evidence of how much he loves his son. The forehead moment absolutely broke me. Rob is blowing this one out of the water. So impressed and i hope we see a lot of father/son moments as Dex struggles through this.
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