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  1. I'm a little confused! Usually when a permanent cast member leaves there is some reference to it on the main site, but nothing about Bec leaving! Is this some way of them telling us that she may pop back in to the bay? Which I doubt.
  2. I guess she has now, as they said this week 'it's Sergeant Watson now'. Hopefully she'll be around a bit more!
  3. Hell yea they have chemistry! I'm loving these to so far....(Even though I did love Charlie&Angelo together) And episode 5238????? I wont say but if you seen it, you know! I've seen it, and wow is all I have to say. Can't wait to see where these two go. Haven't been this excited about a couple for a while. And I was also a Changelo fan, but sorry that ship has now sailed! On this one now!
  4. Okay so considering she's a cop, she really has a thing for the bad boys! First time she was with Angelo, he was suspended for attacking Belle (yeah I know he didn't do it, but they thought he had). Second time she got with Angelo, was when he came back after shooting Jack, and he was unavailable as he was with the perky one. And now she's going after Brax... That said, she has so much chemistry with Brax. The writers would be stupid if they put her back with Angelo, when their chemistry is nothing compared to this!
  5. yeah just saw it! Squealed, loved it! Yeay for 'mum' and 'daughter', hope we get more of these!!
  6. Yeah, have to admit that during Thursday's ep, I looked at Martha and Charlie, and just couldn't help giggling that Martha must be so jealous of how much hotter Charlie is! Loved Esther's acting on Thursday, because she looked really awkward at the hen's and like she wasn't sure she belonged. Really looking forward to upcoming eps, the teasers look great, and I'm sure she's going to do an amazing job with it.
  7. So many people are getting really angry about Angelo, but he's been written as a character for the audience to love to hate! The show would be beyond boring if everyone loved the same characters. I personally love Angelo, but I don't really pay that much attention to the character, and I'm much happier just looking at Luke to worry about anything else. I am glad that they've put him back with Charlie, I thought they were a great couple from the start, and much better than Charlie with Roman or Joey. I hope people don't shout at me for that! I'm also hoping that more of that cheekiness does come back as he settles into the relationship with Charlie - though with the upcoming storyline, I doubt that will happen for a while!
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