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  1. Thank you, I really appreciate it
  2. Wow, that's really good, especially considering it's the first thing you've written! It's really nicely written, just the right amount of sad for a fic like that I really hope you decide to write more fics, because this is good
  3. Aww, I like this oneshot I like how you describe details, and how you included some more links to the past even though they weren't really important for the story itself (like the article about Robbie and Alf, and the kids' names). My favourite thing about it was how you ended it though, I like it when people leave the ending kind of open although you see where this could be going
  4. Wellm would you like -25'C? Cause that's how cold it is here today! You have got to be kidding me, I don't even want to get out of my ROOM when it's this cold. WHY?!!!! WHY?!!!!!
  5. Aww, thanks, guys! I'm so glad people liked it, and I really appreciate the comments. Hopefully I have more stuff coming soon
  6. Yeah, I know what you mean. We're two years behind here, and I knew Scott was leaving with Hayley when that episode with Sarah telling Dani he was dead aired, and I was shocked. That day I seriously started questioning if I had gone crazy Anyway, I think Jack is really dead. He is a cop and that could invite another supercop returning from the dead storyline, but after they pulled that with Peter only two years ago, and received very... Split opinions from fans I don't think they'd do that again so fast. I actually think they have managed to pull off a storyline we honestly had no clue ab
  7. It's getting ridiulously cold again. About -17'c right now... And we've still got about 100 cm of snow. This sucks.
  8. Black levi's skinny jeans, a cox grey sweater and black hello kitty socks. And I've thrown on a blue adidas sweater because it's cold
  9. I know! Even with Sally being stabbed by Rocco and the whole staging of Kate Ritchie saying things in interviews, implying that she could be thinking about leaving, people still managed to reveal that she would survive weeks before it aired on the show. And with the "Big surprise ending" of 2007, everyone knew pretty early that it would be Miles writing "Milco" in the sand. But this... I don't think anyone had any idea it would happen, and I mean, it's been like five weeks since the season return, and people are still doubting whether he's actually dead or not! I think this has been a brill
  10. I couldn't agree with you more about Charlie being great in Monday's episode (I haven't seen today's episode yet) and looking great and all that. I really liked her in Melbourne, especially the scene she had with Miles over dinner in the hotel room. And the talking about ground rules for sleeping was funny. Sexual tension, anyone? I really liked that coat as well, I generally like Charlie's style overall. Except that red dress she wore on her first date with Angelo. The dress was nice enough, but it wasn't that nice on her for some reason. But anyway, enough with the clothes, I think s
  11. I wouldn't say I want Jack to be dead, but I hope they don't bring him back for several reasons - I don't think he was a very good character in the first place. Personally he was okay, but they tried too hard to make him into this kind of dumb super-cop hero. - I think him being dead will allow Martha to have a decent storyline. Her character has improved lately, and I hope she gets the chance to continue that way, without everything she's doing being overshadowed by JM drama. - I think they have pulled the coming-back-from-the-dead one too many times over the last few years. Peter. - I'
  12. I'm really going to miss Bridget, I think she was a good character, and I hope the writers decide to bring her back. I too think she really cares about Alf, and I think it's sad to see her go now that the truth's out in the open and people would have had a chance to start over.
  13. Haha, I've been thinking the exact same thing, Charlie and Leah would make a GREAT couple! Although, as much as I'd like to see that, I think I still might prefer Charlie and Angelo though
  14. It's snowing heavily here, and it has been all day. I just went outside to measure, and at the moment we have close to 70 cm of snow It's not too cold though, I guess that's one good thing at least...
  15. Manic Street Preachers - If you tolerate this your children will be next Next: Carolina Liar - Show me what I'm looking for
  16. And at that moment, he didn't know he had killed Jack. He thought he could have, but he hadn't, so naturally he would be terrified. Not saying what he did was right, but at the same time I think it's understandable knowing he the whole time had to deal with knowing that he possibly just had killed his own friend by accident.
  17. Then again though, I'd much rather see realistic characters than characters that have no base in reality. For example I have never been a Melody fan, but that being said, I still think she has aspects of a good character because many aspects of her are very realistic. And just like that I also used to like Aden and Belle as a couple because they were very realistic, but then they just moved on to being purely annoying when they lost touch with reality.
  18. I think Xavier is a pretty good character actually! And I know he changed Ruby a little, but I think they're both pretty realistic characters. Yes, Xavier only seems to care about himself, and yes, Ruby is like a love sick puppy, but come one, isn't that pretty typical teenage behaviour? I think they're both good actors and I actually think they've been one of the highlights this week!
  19. I just watched the last two episodes of this week, and time after time it strikes me what a good actress Bec is! I know she's a little bit older than many of the other teen characters' actors, and she might have had more experience, but still, she's WAY above average! She did some really good acting in the scenes with Xavier and them coming to terms with their feelings for each other. Scenes like that usually don't impress me, but they both (well, especially Bec) did such a great job it really seemed like a really realistic moment and conversation between two teenagers in that situation.
  20. Please remember though, we try to preserve this thread for Tony/Rachel discussion, just so that you're aware of it. Thanks
  21. I agree. I absolutely love Charlie (yes, I know I'm like a broken record here ) and I think it's great how they have let the character develop. At first she was very frosty, but it always seemed like she was very insecure, and like that was the reason for her cold behaviour. I like how they've managed to still make her a little cold and closed, while also showing that she actually has a more human side. I might be biased because I love her so much, but I think Charlie is one of the most realistic characters we've seen in a long time!
  22. Drinking blueberry juice and eating toast with brown goat cheese. YUM!
  23. Hi people, just dropping by quickly to remind you that you shouldn't discuss spoilers here unless they're relevant to the ongoing discussion, and if you need to mention a spoiler, please remember to use spoiler tags so that members who do not want to read spoilers can avoid them. Thanks
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