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  1. I've looked through all your recent work, and although I like it all, these are my favourites! I really like the colouring, it's very nice, and I like the cropping as well
  2. No worries. I just passed on the message though :P

  3. All your work is great, like I've said 3000 times or so before, and especially the colouring is great in your last batch. I have one definite favourite though; this one is simply great!
  4. I really like your work - again! A few of the Dani ones look a little red, but the rest totally make up for everything by being awesome! (Plus, I'm not one to criticize; I have tried working with those exact same images, and although I love the top she's wearing, it caused so much colouring trouble for me, I gave up ) Jade! I really like this one! Saved it, hope that's okay? I'll credit if I use. Jade was one of my favourites, but it seems almost impossible to get good avatars because the caps from back then are hardly ever any good. But you did it, that one is perfect in every sin
  5. I love these! I really like the colouring in the Nicole one Saved them, I'll credit if I use
  6. well you go into a thread about a certain character and try and argue why they hate them - what would u call it then? I cant stand Adelle so I stay away from their thread/posts about them - i dont go in there and try to bag them Consider this quote by Voltaire: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." yeah i remember that - but its hypocritial that you want me to abide by that when you cant show the same courtesy to me anways ive had enough of this - i want to talk about Tachel sportzgal82, I'm not even going to pretend we haven'
  7. Wow, I really like your last batch! It's really nice to see something totally new and unique
  8. I love all your new work, these are by far my favourites! I love the style you've used in the first one, and I really like the coloring in the last two
  9. Eli

    Hi, I'm good thanks, glad you like my avatars :)

  10. I started talking about this couple in Aus discussion, but realized I'd probably bore everyone to death with my in-depth review of them in particular Like I said in there, I think Geoff and Nicole are the best teen couple at the moment. Jai and Annie aren't happening enough, Belle and Aden are happening too much, and Ruby and Xavier... I really have no idea what's happening there, to be honest. I guess the closest you could get to competition when it comes to couples, would be Belle and Aden. Now I liked Belle and Aden when they first started out, now not so much anyway. I think the key he
  11. Okay guys, slight problem.... I've moved the rest of the chapters, which takes a decade and is extremely confusing when you have Windows because the browser memory is limited or something. Anyway, when I was done I realized two chapter was missing somewhere, so I went through the entire fic, and I found out which chapters hadn't been moved. I managed to move one of them, but Chapter 72 is simply nowhere to be found. Does anyone know where on earth this chapter, posted on October 29th is? It's just really weird, because I don't think it's possible that I could have moved only that chapter somew
  12. Thanks, I'll start moving them now, and hopefully I'll manage to do them all tonight. Thanks for letting us know
  13. It's not all in there?! What?! Seriously, then something really weird must have happened somewhere Is some of the chapters left in regular fanfiction or something? If so, please post a link to them here, and I'll merge them with the other topic. Or is the fic abandoned and just moved to the wrong place? And if it's like one chapter missing in the middle, it could be in the comments thread, because somebody didn't see it or something. Anyway it's really weird, I'm definitely confused
  14. Dark chocolate, a blue sweater and sunglasses.
  15. A taco salad, sparkling water and the latest edition of Elle magazine.
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. I don't think Martha really did anything very wrong here. It's not like it's wrong of Roman to have feelings for Martha, he can't really control that, but I think people are forgetting where this reation probably came from in Martha. A rational reaction to Roman's confession in her situation would be to tell him that unfortunately she is not ready to move on from Jack yet. But guess what, after a loss that big, it's not like it's easy to be rational. Getting angry and making Roman the bad guy would be a lot easier for her than dealing with the fact that now that Jack's dead, she will sooner or
  18. Eli

    Well well well, you're not replying on MSN, so I think it's time to spam you here as well! It's almost valentine's day you know, and dare I say time for some S.T. w/ E&C ;P Oh, good times, good times...

  19. Gah, one of life's great unanswerable questions, that one Generally I think the profile we're running is that anything that will be a spoiler for UK viewers should normally be put in spoiler tags, while everything that's a direct spoiler for everyone, should be in the spoiler zone. Both this section and the television section can be kind of hard to deal with because of all the different paces on TV series, and since the CAD section sort of is in the middle when it comes to UK and Australian discussion. It's hard to discuss without mentioning things happening at Australian pace, but at the
  20. I'm working on a new piece. It's another independent sequel (meaning it can be read and understood even though you haven't read the other fics, even though it's still a sequel to the story told in my previous oneshots Just Mates, U, End of Summer and Crazy.) about Geoff, Aden and Lucas. Unlike the other pieces in this series it won't be a oneshot, it'll be more like a short fic. I don't know how many parts yet, but I'm guessing between 3 and 5. Basically this fic is set a few months after "Crazy" with Geoff and Aden enjoying a completely carefree summer in Summer Bay. That is until Lucas co
  21. Thankyou so much, guys ILM, you're right, I haven't written anything in ages, but a few days ago I decided I HAD to break the writer's block, because I really want to write some more fanfics again, so I wrote this piece. Hopefully I have more stuff coming up, I'm thinking possibly a Charlie oneshot next. Anyways, I'm glad you like it, thanks for the review
  22. Thanks Yeah, they are the best match, aren't they? I still can't believe they paired him up with Rachel rather than giving him and Jazz a real chance
  23. Eli

    So Callie... Valentine's day is coming up... I was thinking you and me... ;) I would use a very good pick up line, but I think a reference in that one would work better over MSN :P

    No, seriously, I'm bored, and you tend to end up my target and victim when that happens :P

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