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  1. Technically I'm now wearing brown sweatpants and a marine college sweater, but the official outfit of the day was ripped jeans, a bright orange tank top and a white shirt.
  2. Mamma Mia! The perfect movie to watch when you're having a night of wine, whining, cheese and pizza with friends
  3. Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Tropical lipgloss, brie and a box of mac 'n' cheese. I'm sophisticated like that
  4. I'm eating melba toast with brie (and totally not thinking about the calories at all...) and drinking some kind of mint/lime drink.
  5. First day of summer, and the weather's great here today! Another really hot (though slightly more cloudy) day with the sun shining bright
  6. It's been amazing here all day! Not a cloud, just sunny and really really hot.
  7. Wow, that was really well written! Normally I don't enjoy romance related fics that much, but you really write the emotion so well! I like how you interpret details that make total sense, such as Kirsty settling for the safety of Miles, but never really giving up the dreams of the excitement with Kane. My favourite part of the entire fic though, was how you portrayed Kane. You always seem to portray him well, but in this fic you particularly succeeded in doing so. It just made a lot of sense to me that he'd end up like he did, not married again, but as a captain alone with the sea. That jus
  8. A pack of hot dogs, chips and a lighter.
  9. Right now it's dark and mild, but all day it's been sunny, warm and cloudless!
  10. Thanks! I'm worried it was a little too sad, but like I said, it was sort of build from an equally depressing quote
  11. Thirsty Merc - Those Eyes
  12. A taco baguette, a chocolate and a lighter.
  13. That's part of the whole point though, both Aden and Geoff are characters so unstereotypical (hah, think I made up a new word there!) for playing a gay couple on TV, but at the same time the characters have a chemistry. And like I've said so many times before; with Aden's past with his grandfather, and with Geoff's past with his religious grandfather... I have three words: Best storyline ever.
  14. I have one word. Three letters, starts and ends with a W, and the middle letter has the same shape of my mouth when I saw these. The colouring is just perfect, seriously, I'm jealous! Great work!
  15. I love these three, your style is really good. I can never seem to think outside the box enough to make interesting icons, but these are really unique. And I like the colouring you've used. Great work!
  16. For no reason at all, I decided to return to this fan club and post a picture from Friday's episode. http://i126.photobucket.com/albums/p108/el...4830-204613.png Why didn't these two end up together, again? Remind me, please. PS. Don't worry Belle, I'd feel threatened too. If I was dating one of them, I'd be trying to physically separate them as well.
  17. That was really well written! You really had me on the edge of my seat in a way, even if that sounds weird for a fic like this. But the tension you managed to build up between them... Amazing, and totally realistic! Looking forward to reading more from you
  18. Thanks guys, and thanks for reading! Jen, I make a point out of including former YCPD cops in my fics. If I can, I try to include Peter and Pia, or at least I mention them I'm glad you guys like it so far. I wasn't happy with the first chapter to be honest, but I think it improves slightly. I'm writing the last two chapters right now, and I'll post chapter 2 later today or tomorrow, if I have an internet connection that's actually working
  19. I like his character, reminds me a bit of Mikey. I think H&A are one of the few soaps that managed to include characters like this from time to time. I think it's great, especially because it's given us a chance to see more sides of Xavier. I always liked Xavier a little, but not all that much until Brendan came to the Bay and we got to see more sides of him. What I really came in here to say though; I just saw one of the 2005 episodes Kain guest starred in. Really weird to see him in the same environment, but as a totally different character
  20. ctang, yes that's definitely the way to do it, and welcome to the boards I have noticed that you keep starting threads for quick questions. Any reason? I'm sorry, but what was the point of posting that? Actually, you don't have to answer, we'd just prefer if people were nice to new members who actually ask questions instead of doing something wrong when they're unsure.
  21. Hi there, just thought I'd ask if you don't mind, where in BC do you come from?

  22. Citizen Kane, and then United 93 a few hours later
  23. I just have to pop my head in here really quickly to mention that I love Joey! I think she's very refreshing for a female character, much like Charlie, Ruby and Jazz were when they arrived. Also I love how they have managed to pick up Aden's past for a good storyline again, through Joey. He was really getting boring up until Joey came and the writers proved that they haven't forgotten about his past either. I'm really looking forward to seeing more storylines for Joey, I think she's a believable character, and I hope she'll stay in the Bay for a while
  24. All your work is really nice, and I just love the three I've quoted above! I like the colouring in the Angelo one, and I have to say I really admire how you manage to work with scraancaps showing a scene. I can never seem to get anything good when I work with shots from a distance, so I always give up and go back to really closeup shots
  25. Your work is great as usual, I love this one, really nice colouring
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