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  1. I have tried printscreen, but that doesn't work for me if I use Windows media player. The thing I didn't like about VLC (except for how slow it was) was that there wasn't a screencap button, so you have to go to the menu. I used WinDVD for a while and it has a screencap button, but WinDVD can only make screencaps from a few filetypes...
  2. Powerdvd? is that better than VLC? I use VLC, but it's so slow, it takes ages to load an episode and to make screencaps... Is powerdvd free?
  3. Great new work! I love the HSM avatars
  4. I love these! Great cropping and colouring!
  5. Yeah, I can see the problem... After all there are members from a lot of different countries here
  6. I was wondering about the same thing
  7. I already have some. You can see them in my thread. I have more coming up soon.
  8. Great work! I love tha last icon.
  9. Fall to pieces - Avril Lavigne
  10. The Cassie ones are really good! I like the other avatars too
  11. I have a few in my artwork thread, but if you don't bother going through all the pages to look for them just tell me and I'll post them here
  12. I know that problem... I have a few I made the other day, and I wanted to use one of them as my av, but I don't know which one yet... I chose my current one, but I'm thinking about changing it again
  13. Thanx! Could I have one without anything on it please? And she's called Zoe, I won't say who she is though because I don't want to spoil it for you. Oh, it's Zoe! Then I know who she is I try to follow the aus and uk storylines, but I don't know what the people look like. Not nearly as good as aejdude's but I hope you like them anyway!
  14. I'll give it a go, but could you think of any words or phrases I could use for it? I'm not even sure who it is (still on the 2004 season) so I can't think of anything
  15. I just saw that a mod closed a request thread (but it was a random request, not a thread for people to request stuff from a specific member) and asked that all request should be posted here instead of separately, so it just made me wonder It is a great idea, I just think it should be used for random requests
  16. Would those of us who have our own request threads have to stop using them? Or is this just for random requests?
  17. Thank you Hopefully there will be an update before Wednesday.
  18. I love this! It's beautifully written, and you really get the characters. I discover things about the characters I didn't even think about before I read your fics. If she ever fell in love like in fairytales, it would be with a boy who never, ever expected her to sit round being girly and giggly. It would be with a boy who would want to run with her faster than anyone had ever run before, climb with her higher than anyone had ever climbed before, who believed they could touch the moon and the stars. Not Ben Smith nor Dale Armstrong (her best mate, who, Dani insisted, would really like Kirs
  19. Thank you! I guess I get a lot of practice, because I do 90% of my writing in English It made a lot more sense when you said it should be an italic font, I found it weird when I read it, because from what I've ready from you before I didn't think you'd make a mistake like that. And you didn't after all The present tense... the past tense... I feel really stupid right now, cause I know them so well, and still I wrote "from one time to another" lol
  20. Not less addicted after chapter 7, this is great! Going to the Sutherlands these days was like walking a minefield. I loved that sentence^ I have some critisism too (I don't think I spelled it right, but you know what I mean): In the last chapter I think you went fromone timeto another (I'm not sure if that's the termyou use, what I mean is that you for example changed from was to is, said to says and then back again) It can be confusing if you'renot aware that it's a mistake. Other than that, really great!!
  21. I'm addicted to this fic! Really good chapter!
  22. I love them! Especially these^ they're great!
  23. This is beautiful! I had tears in my eyes.
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