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  1. In Brazil two kids aged 8 and 9 or something became the youngest parents ever or something, just a two years ago or something. Basically it can physically be possible, but emotionally it's more of a "how is that possible?" I think the Charlie/Ruby storyline has been done better than I thought it would. It definitely hasn't made me like Charlie less at all, and I think it's a story that sort of fits her character, like the background sort of makes sense when it comes to who she is today. Like when we found out about Aden's past.
  2. Oh my gosh, Eli! I remember all those one-shots. This was before I even contemplated Gaden - *sigh* Geoff/Lucas was brilliant and I can not wait to read it. Thanks Not sure when it will be posted though... It could happen tonight or in three weeks... You see, I had it figured out, but halfway through writing it I got kind of unsure. Let's just say that the first few paragraphs kind of made me think I might not like this one to end the way I had planned out after all. Gah, I confused myself
  3. Eli

    Are you talking about my lunch? Well, in all fairness my lunch didn't involve brown cheese, but I can promise you it will tomorrow, now that you've mentioned it :P

    I don't get how someone can not love it :P Anyway, you haven't been on MSN in ages. I'd check in there soon, just to keep me from spamming your facebook statuses all the time. I need to get it out somewhere :P

  4. Where did all the oneshots go? Oh that's right, I stopped writing stuff. But here I am with yet another oneshot again Story Title: Return Ticket Type of story: One Shot Main Characters: Geoff and Lucas BTTB rating: G/A Genre: Romance, angst, drama Does story include spoilers: No, it's an independent sequel not specific to any episodes. Any warnings: Nope. Summary: Some questions need answers. Will you choose yesterday or tomorrow? Basically another independent sequel to Just Mates, U, End of Summer and Crazy. I'm still a little unsure about it, because I thought I would end th
  5. Sparkling water, raspberries and a mexican salad. Or to sum it up: lunch.
  6. Zack and Miri make a porno. Very mediocre movie to be honest. It was full of clich├ęs, and you pretty much understood the whole plot and how it would end fairly early on, but still it had some fun moments, so it was okay, I guess.
  7. I can not believe how much money I've spent today... Anyway, any one here?
  8. A scarf, a pair of skinny jeans and a knitted jacket.
  9. I want to see that one too. I plan on seeing it as soon as it comes to one of the cinemas around here. I just need to find someone willing to go see it with me
  10. Semi here. I'm making the crappiest bunch of icons in a long while, but I'm here, technically. I bet no one else is though
  11. Don't be fooled though, even though we have fairly cold and long winters, we have great summers. In most of June the weather here was both better and warmer than it was in both Spain and Turkey, and that's not the first time that has happened
  12. Vega 4 - Life is beautiful
  13. Cold and raining all day. I don't get this. I don't live on the coast. I live in forest-and-farmland-far-away-from-the-coast-land, of we don't get burning heat and sunshine all through summer then how will we get our potatoes and wheat to grow so we can survive? And more importantly, how will I cope, winter pale and tempted to wear a scarf and coat, as I am?
  14. Hah, interesting. I asked for a week and a day off, instead I got an extra weekend shift. I'm good at negotiating and saying no. This was pretty much the conversation: Me: How's the staffing situation on Friday and all of next week? Boss: Next week will be really hectic. Me: Oh, that's fine, I'll just take my vacation later. Boss: Well, technically you're freelancing, so you could just say 'I'm not coming next week.' Me: Yeah, I know, but it would be nice if we could publish newspapers next week as well. Boss: Good point, and by the way, we're a one person short for the weekend shift n
  15. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It was surprisingly good!
  16. Oh, trashy, trashy music! Anyone here? ETA: None? Fine then. Me neither.
  17. Some kind of pasta crap. It's kinda weird, but not too bad.
  18. Hodges - My side of the story Loveitloveitloveitloveit!!
  19. Surprisingly warm and sunny But of course it's like that even if it wasn't predicted. It always is when I have a full week at work and in addition decide to spend the rest of the time cleaning up and going through everything in my room.
  20. Pink - Please don't leave me We like that song.
  21. Sounds like a good plan, we should totally start stalking and manipulating people together on a permanent basis
  22. Maybe, even though I'd say just the two of us would be good as well
  23. That's actually a fairly good idea... I just need to find someone willing to break the taboo group conversation barrier (most people seem to hate them ) and also find a reason why we both needed to be in that conversation.... Hm.... That's something to work on...
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