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  1. Ryan

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    There can't be many people in the cast left. Hayley.
  2. Ryan

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    Ryan goes through old tapes labelled Random Old HAA. Do not Tape. Makes me sound like Dennis Norden.
  3. Ryan

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    Does it come from episode surrounding 2980.
  4. Ryan

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    It's not your turn yet.
  5. And I'll be taking over as Back to the Bay Head of Content, as Dan's deputy. :graduated:
  6. Ryan

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    I'm getting Girls House Vibes.
  7. Ryan

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    It's obviously from 2001, I've got some of them on tape, but I'll have a go at Lance.
  8. Ryan

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    "Do you want to go back?" "I wish we could" Who was involved in this conversation, which is the only two lines in the scene, in a car.
  9. We've been Macy Gray'ed out now I think.
  10. I've demoralised them at Breakout though.
  11. Ryan

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    Colleen, talking about Kane putting the Sutherlands down a mineshaft.
  12. Just like the Neighbours play did. You write a part for your character(s) and then someone else writes the part of their character.
  13. Wuthering Heights....and now it's Dignity by Deacon Blue, a song about a binman that bought a boat.
  14. Ditto. I'll give it go. But who to be... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Nice to have you join. Good on you KK and Valk as well. Come on F'eck, you know you want to.
  15. I thought I could count on you. Ryan starts to muck around with ignore user function.
  16. You know you want to. Think of the damage I could do if I was forced to play Josie.
  17. Forget the Pope, buy my product.
  18. Everyone, join the Home and Away Play.
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