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  1. SDA, give me a full length picture of IL and using my wonderful maths skills I'll work it out for you.
  2. Onething I've noticed is that Leah appears to be a midget. Watch the one of the first episodes of 2002, and there must have been about a foot between her and BC.
  3. SDA, get a picture of Tasha standing next to Dani, then watch Episode 3631, then look at the difference between them, and shallalalalalalalalah.
  4. Why? Would it make any difference if she were an amputee SDA and therefore quite short, without her fake legs. On that topic, I taped over most of Kane's 2001 stuff in the hope of seeing someone in a crash, which they then went on to lose their legs, (2001 CART Season review, JosieTash would probably be one of the few who know why) , and to all KK-ers, I'm sorry, for that. For all people that don't like watch big crashes I still have it on tape. , but I lost all that Kane stuff for about three seconds. If only you were able to recover stuff off tape.
  5. You Already Have the secret mod room <{POST_SNAPBACK}> A slight problem there though SDA.
  6. What about a SuperOldies thread, for people with over 6000 posts.
  7. The list will be constantly updated when I find info on them, I know that I'm missing a few at the moment in each category, but if you want to tell me a few I've missed PM me. Dan and Leah will go up as a marriage when they get married or as a engagement if they broke it up. I know that I've missed Charlotte/Steve engagement and the death of Dennis Scott, but I'm working on it.
  8. Ryan

    Quote, Unquote

    Correct, from when Paris left her.
  9. Ryan

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    Gerard Depardieu, and it had to do with Gilly being in a similiar situation. "I don?t want your pity." "No, no. I didn?t bring any. I just brought the lasagne." Who was this conversation between?
  10. On my Champ man game I created a Summer Bay FC team, that played in the Summer Bay Surf Club colours. Anyone remember Alex's team from last year, I was watching those episodes last night, including the one where Amber fell in the puddle. I've always wondered whether that was meant to happen or whether they got to the shoot that morning and it was pissing it down so they just had to shoot in the rain.
  11. This might only mean anything to Alex here, but it made me laugh. It's about my football team Dunfermline when we had a 5-0 win at the weekend moving off the bottom of the league after a change of managers, our new one, unofficially the "Bard of Fife". "Liesh's Dunfermline may not quite be poetry in motion but under Davie Hay they had looked dyslexic at times."
  12. If anyone can remember back that far, I wasn't alway Ryan.
  13. Sons and Daughters Theme Tune-Extended Version thing
  14. Does Natalie Imbruglia make an appearance/sing the theme tune?
  15. Diane, unless you decided to leave the board I don't think you'll be able to avoid it. At some point someone's going to go back and refer to when ???? did something to ????
  16. .I make great soup's , <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Self praise is no praise at all. Nothing I enjoy more than a simple sandwich, rarely cook anything, most of what I eat I have cold.
  17. Like sweet potato, not sure about the lack of meat.
  18. Ryan

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    It occured during 2000, and the video is downloadable of the web.
  19. Can now crack on with the important things in life now.....like working for BTTB.
  20. Theirs look rectangular to me.
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