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  1. I've been busy scripting for the past hour.
  2. I only ever buy DVD when they are on special offer.
  3. I asked my sister about it, and she said Ryan "You'll hate it" so I watched the footy instead.
  4. Haha, maybe I was just totally wrong then.
  5. I got my passport a few years ago and the closest I've came to leaving the country is England.
  6. And I'm still no closer to the PP theme tune.
  7. Ah, our Christmas show last year. Why did I agree to it?
  8. And there's your answer? :cool:
  9. I've always thought the non-singing part of Knowing Me, Knowing You was like the Peak Practice theme tune, but only problem is I've not been able to compare it as I've not seen Peak Practice for 10-12 years. Ah, the good old days.
  10. Knowing me, knowing you...ahaa.. On that subject does anyone have the theme tune to Peak Practice?
  11. Scary thought for Dan. If something happens to IL, SDA is next on your list and might start stalking you. Now, how tall do you think he is?
  12. Why-thank you (Si-Co hears it's me that wrote it and quickly retracts the remark), well he hasn't really, but whilst writing it I made a slight mistake, that is still up on the site.
  13. I'm currently listening to the Summer Bay Musical featuring Shane and Sarah. (that's not mad Sarah)
  14. Ah, whatever, she still had a voice like an out of tune foghorn.
  15. Ah, I hate it. If it didn't have the unfortunate side effect of death, listening to Tammin's two releases so far would have led me to contemplate suicide. Still not quite as bad as Kate Alexi.
  16. Tammin's album is being released soon.
  17. God, I've just read some terrible news, and it's Si-Co's fault.
  18. I'm always really disappointed when it's a day when Chris decides to put some of my stuff up, (you can usually tell it's by me because there's no pictures, just writing), because I've seen it all before. I want something huge to go up that I've never seen before.
  19. You forgot Judy Nunn Di.
  20. Expectation for my character are Sky high, so expect to see me come in as the long lost relative of a well loved long serving character before suffering a severe character change after a few months. Damm I let it out the bag. I'm actually Ric.
  21. Be, warned I'm a rather crap actor.
  22. Judy Nunn was happy to play Ailsa, so big thanks to her.
  23. Welcome to Summer Bay. Floss and Neville's mobile home. A few of our fans.
  24. I was Mark Williams as I'm quite good at snooker.
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