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  1. Thanks They might and they might not..................
  2. Thanks Its only my first story though
  3. Thanks ITs great to hear so much good news..considering it is my first fic and all..Not sure what the news will be yet..Still thinking about it..Maybe the news is that Charlie is back in town or Eve is I will leave you guys on the edge of your seats. Or at least try too
  4. I just read Part 2,.... and I cant spell. So im sorry bout my errors. With the next chapter I mite leave more of a cliffhanger type thing. That will be up either tommrow or monday. Not 2nite, I hav already done 2 2day..and I dont even know what news Rachael has for Kim..I havent even thought of that yet...I may even bring bak the stalker ..thats only a maybe though
  5. Thanks u guys Its my first Fic on here...So dont expect too much, But I will try Next one should be up either later on 2nite or 2morra nite
  6. I love it it. It seems so real that you hav me thinkin that this is really what happend
  7. Great story, so far. I cant wait for more. Poor Rach * sniff sniff* why Rach ??
  8. Awesome! Cant wait to read more! The suppsense is killing me
  9. Im gonna write to Lyn Collingwood, Jodi Gordon and Paul O'Brien tommra Hopefully get a signed fan card frm each!
  10. I wrote to Jessica Tovey, Amy Matthews and Kate Richie.. Will they reply with a fan card or did I hav to ask for one. I hav waited a week, I cant wait any longer!! Im a very patient person. lol
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