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  1. Angelo---------71 Charlie-------------44 Hugo------------16 Leah----------------28
  2. Angelo---------70 Charlie-------------43 Hugo------------18 Leah----------------28
  3. I couldn't agree more! Well at least till she hooks up with Leah Her former boyfriend just went to Gaol for murder, so I think she needs to stay away from any form of relationships for a while now. If she jumped into bed with the next single guy that looked her way it would only end in tears. I wonder who her next relationship will be with next though... hmm..
  4. Leona Lewis - Run I didn't like it the first few times I heard it, but it's starting to grow on me now.
  5. Angelo---70 Charlie---43 Hugo--19 Leah---27
  6. Me too! Never mind, it just finished and I'm now listening to Taylor Swift - Hey Stephen
  7. I can't believe I missed TWO updates! I adore the colouring on the Miles/Kirsty one, it makes it so pretty. On the second one I think I love the 2nd Freya one, the first Nicole one and Xavier. But the cropping on the 2nd Nicole one is the best. They're all so STUNNING! I can't stop laughing at the Colleen ones though. Is it ok if I use this Ruby one? I love it.
  8. Of course, I completely agree Freya and Charlie in a r/ship NEVER, NEVER gonna happen lol Just a kiss, nothing else. She'd never betray her sister like that. Rubes/Charlie I love their r/ship as sisters. Thanks Barbara
  9. I've seen you floating around so welcome to the forum :)

  10. Angelo 55 Charlie 42 Hugo 16 Leah 32 Martha 14
  11. Angelo 40 Charlie 42 Hugo 30 Leah 30 Martha 14 Morag 3
  12. I really like the Jack feature - wasn't a huge fan of the guy but the feature was really great. It must have taken a huge amount of time to do. Thank you to all the staff who put that together.
  13. Angelo 40 Charlie 41 Hugo 30 Leah 30 Martha 13 Morag 5
  14. Angelo 40 Charlie 40 Hugo 30 Leah 29 Martha 13 Morag 7
  15. Angelo 40 Charlie 41 Hugo 30 Leah 28 Martha 12 Morag 8
  16. Angelo 41 Charlie 39 Hugo 32 Kirsty 0 Leah 28 Martha 11 Morag 8 Kirsty is out
  17. Angelo 41 Charlie 38 Hugo 32 Kirsty 2 Leah 27 Martha 11 Morag 8
  18. S Club 7 - You're My Number One
  19. Angelo 38 Charlie 35 Hugo 32 Irene 2 Kirsty 7 Leah 26 Martha 11 Morag 5
  20. Drelle! I must admitt I was hoping they'd instantly fall in love again, but too much waters gone under that bridge I love how they just sat down and talked like old friends. It was a really good read
  21. Angelo - 27 Charlie - 35 Hugo- 29 Irene - 6 Kirsty- 18 Leah - 24 Martha - 14 Morag - 3
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