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  1. I'm really loving the way that home and Away seem to be handling the Charlie/Joey situation. The way it's being played out is just so realistic and I can't wait too watch it all play out on screen.
  2. I'm loving Joey more and more. She's just such a down to earth realistic character that you'd want to be friends with. I think that Kate Bell is doing a fantastic job and hopefully the big bosses at Home and Away will notice that and upgrade her status to full time like they did with Celeste.
  3. Just wanted to say thanks for moving my Charlie/Joey fic to the library. :) Was going to msg a librarian tonight haha

  4. Angelo 78 Charlie 47 Leah 35
  5. Wow @ the colouring on the Sisterhood 2 ones I still haven't seen that movie I love the caps you choose to use too, the expression on Lena's face makes me chuckle The colouring on the 2nd Tasha icon is pretty. Can't wait for the next update!
  6. Forever - Chris Brown. It's been on repeat since last night. I just can't turn it off. I'm hooked!
  7. I'm really liking Joey so far, my heart went out with her tonight though.
  8. Angelo 80 Charlie 45 Leah 35
  9. Edit: My bad. I totally forgot their overseas spoilers Sorry!
  10. Angelo-74 Charlie-45 Hugo-6 Leah-34
  11. Angelo-74 Charlie-45 Hugo-7 Leah-33
  12. They're gorgeous icons Jen! I love the placement of the text on them all, I always have difficulties where to place text so I hardly ever bother. But somehow you seem to do it right time and time again!
  13. It's really pleasant. It's not too hot or too cold. It's just warm enough to get that really lovely feeling when you stand in the sun Ahhh
  14. Angelo-71 Charlie-44 Hugo-11 Leah-33
  15. Angelo---69 Charlie-----43 Hugo-------15 Leah-------32 Edit: Grumble Bum you just took something like 30 points off Angelo. Unfortunately you can't do that
  16. Woah, your latest batch is amaziiing (& no my "I" didn't get stuck!)! I love the cropping on the Rattie ones and the facial expression on Jazz. LOL! Looking forward to your next update
  17. Wow, thanks! That LA fic... that's going back a bit . I initially was a bit wary of the pairing because when you see the names Ruby/Nicole together it does look a tad random. I'm glad everyone enjoyed it though! I'll probably write another Ruby/Nicole one-shot shortly. I just need to find some more prompts because I always get stuck for ideas.
  18. Angelo-70 Charlie-43 Hugo-15 Leah-31
  19. Eamon - F**k it (I don't want you back) Haven't heard this song since I was 16 :D
  20. Angelo-70 Charlie-42 Hugo-15 Leah-32
  21. I don't mind at all, I welcome constructive criticism, it's how writers like myself and others improve! I've been thinking bout what you've said since you posted it and it does make sense. I could have been a lot more descriptive. It's too late now though, but I'll definitely keep it in mind next time I write another fic Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed it
  22. Angelo-67 Charlie-43 Hugo-18 Leah-31
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