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  1. Built This Way - Samantha Ronson
  2. Charlie 71 Joey 8 Leah 67 Ollie 1
  3. OMG Biggest Loser! I'm like obsessed with that show this year. lol I love the lot, seriously! Stewart and Amanda (the one I quoted) is my fave though. I love the cropping and the greeny colouring.
  4. So far I think they're doing a brilliant job om the storyline. So far. Let's just see what happens tonight.
  5. Ahaha I saw you floating around on the forum on Monday night! I was like "waaa no way" lol

  6. My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson
  7. I really enjoyed Charlie last night. You can't help, but feel for her, she'd be so confused! Esther's doing a great job of portraying Charlie during this storyline so far.
  8. Charlie 69 Joey 8 Leah 66 Ollie 4
  9. Aden - 5 Alf - 4 Angelo -18 Annie - 5 Bartlett - 5 Charlie - 8 Colleen - 5 Geoff- 5 Hugo - 8 Irene - 5 Kirsty- 4 Jai - 5 Joey - 6 Lou - 5 Julie -4 Leah - 6 Miles - 6 Morag - 5 Nicole 5 Ollie - 5 Rachel- 5 Roman - 4 Ruby - 6 Tony - 5 Trey - 5 VJ - 4
  10. Angelo 85 Charlie 43 Leah 29
  11. Angelo 81 Charlie 48 Leah 28
  12. Angelo=82 Charlie===48 Leah=====26
  13. I watched The Reader last night. It was freaking amazing!!
  14. When was the last time Rachel's Mum was mentioned? The last time I remember her name being mentioned was when she died.
  15. Every now and then? Dude, her hands on her stomach constantly as in all the time. Although there was one scene yesterday where she only touched it a few times. It's just something that grates on some peoples nerves. No one said Rachel isn't allowed to touch it, it's jut annoying when in every scene she is. I can't wait till the damn thing is born so she can take her hands off her stomach. I get that some pregnant women do that, it's just irritating!
  16. I just wanted to say that I love your Personal Statement. Amaziiiing!

  17. Angelo 87 Charlie 47 Leah 21
  18. pretty much exactly the same! I was supposed to be going out on a date tonight and she canceled on me at the last minute. lol. I thought that was a bit rude, but it's ok because I didn't really want to go in the first place Anyways! How's school going so far this year for you?
  19. I love these three icons best from the latest update. The colouring makes the water in the last one look gorgeous. I could almost go swimming right now!
  20. Sweet How are ya this evening?
  21. ... me too! Anyone wanna chat?
  22. Love the username lol

  23. Tegan and Sara - Where Does The Good Go
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