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  1. Aden 6 Brendan 5 Charlie 16 Irene 9 Leah 19 Miles 27 Nicole 42 Ollie 4 Rachel 6
  2. Renee Cassar - Stephanie's Song. It's actually quite depressing
  3. Me three, I think I'm starting to like Joey more than Charlie because she's just so freaking lovable. I'm really looking forward to seeing her again this week because we haven't seen her since last Wednesday! I'd also like her to see her have a heart to heart talk with Aden sometime this week, that needs to happen.
  4. Esther said in an interview roughly 3 months ago that she had no plans to leave anytime soon I was very disappointed that she didn't make the final cut for the Logies, but maybe next year
  5. Can I please use the Annie writing fanfiction icon? I LOVE it!
  6. Alf 6 Brendan 7 Charlie 13 Colleen 5 Geoff 3 Irene 13 Kirsty 7 Leah 12 Miles 20 Nicole 32 Ollie 5 Rachel 7
  7. Alf 6 Brendan 7 Charlie 15 Colleen 5 Geoff 5 Irene 13 Kirsty 8 Leah 10 Miles 16 Nicole 29 Ollie 5 Rachel 6 Ruby 4
  8. Alf 6 Brendan 7 Charlie 15 Colleen 5 Geoff 6 Irene 12 Kirsty 8 Leah 10 Miles 16 Nicole 29 Ollie 5 Rachel 6 Ruby 4
  9. I'm still waiting for that! I would like to read the completed product, or just an a lil bit! Vintage Emily! That actually sounds kind of cool. Must go and watch that now.
  10. I never saw Em in any bra adds! I'll have to have a look on Youtube to see if it's on there. I remember that! I'll have to read that again, it's been ages that I've sat down and read any of those fics with the exception of Girl Nextdoor. I read that a few weeks ago
  11. The Hot Chick. Brought back memories
  12. Oh interesting! I remember AGES ago some random commented on your Tracey video and said she was teaching. Glad she still is! That video brings back some very good memories I need to watch it again! Em kind of disappeared off the planet after H&A & Random Place. Maybe she's busy auditioning for other TV Shows, I hope so! Yeah, I was pretty pissed that Tracey didn't get a mention, but what can you do? lol nothing. Did anyone ever get a reply from the H&A Website about THAT scene they cut from the barn ep, they're explanation.
  13. The Official Home and Away Mag that they released to Celebrate 21 yrs It's a great mag, but 'Zoe' only got like 2 maybe 3 mentions and Tracey didn't even get one Was.Not.Happy.About.That. haha I was reading that thread about a week ago when they whole Gang used to post about random crap that really had nothing to do with the stalker, such as our drunken party thing with THAT closet. They closed that website? Noes. I was trying to think of what that show was just the other day! Ah well... at least the videos still work! I'll have to go and check them out again I wonder what both
  14. We definitely got ripped off, I was looking forward to the flashbacks, which never happened! Don't even get me started on the Pyromaniac storyline... I was reading through my Home and Away Mag last night and I got to the small box about the Stalker and read it. They called her Zoe through out the mag which isn't the point to this post. The point is that they said that 'Zoe' locked them in the barn and caused the explosion. I've read the mag a million times but somehow didn't pick up on that line. But, what the feck? She didn't cause the explosion???? She went nowhere near the gas thingo an
  15. Alf 6 Brendan 7 Charlie 14 Colleen 5 Geoff 6 Irene 12 Kirsty 8 Leah 10 Martha 2 Miles 15 Nicole 29 Ollie 5 Rachel 6 Ruby 4
  16. I hated Michelle, she was a pain in the butt. I liked Steph best. Anyways... lol. Pretty icons! I love the 5th Mk&A icon. The colouring is gorgeous.
  17. Dash & Will - Pick It Up. I can't get this song out of my head.
  18. Alf-7 Annie - 1 Brendan- 7 Charlie-8 Colleen-4 Geoff-7 Irene-8 Lou-4 Julie-4 Kirsty-9 Leah-8 Martha-10 Miles-9 Nicole-19 Ollie-5 Rachel- 4 Roman-4 Ruby-6 V.J-2 Xavier-3
  19. It would be, but I wouldn't trust the writers after how badly it went down the second time. I just pretend their off on Holidays overseas, whatever helps you get through the day really. Ah, this brings back a lot of memories.
  20. Alf-5 Annie-4 Brendan-6 Charlie-7 Colleen-4 Geoff-5 Hugo-4 Irene-7 Jai-2 Lou-5 Julie-4 Kirsty-7 Leah-7 Martha-11 Miles-8 Nicole-15 Ollie-5 Rachel-5 Roman-6 Ruby-6 VJ-3 Xavier 4
  21. Aden-5 Alf-5 Annie-4 Brendan-6 Charlie-7 Colleen-4 Geoff-5 Hugo-4 Irene-7 Jai-1 Lou-5 Julie-4 Kirsty-7 Leah-7 Martha-11 Miles-8 Nicole-13 Ollie-5 Rachel-5 Roman-7 Ruby-6 VJ-4 Xavier 5
  22. A.den-5 Alf-5 Annie-5 Bartlett-3 Brendan-5 Charlie-7 Colleen-4 Geoff-5 Hugo-4 Irene-7 Jai-3 Lou-5 Julie-5 Kirsty-6 Lea.h-6 M.artha-10 Miles-7 Nicol.e-11 Ollie-5 Rache.l-6 Rom.an-6 Ruby-6 VJ-4 Xavier 5
  23. They went through that entire part of the forum and locked all the old threads and shoved them into an archive. So it's still there, but can no longer be used. It's above the lot in a subforum :)

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