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  1. Hi all,

    I've fall in love with a movie called In Her Line Of Fire (otherwise known as Air Force Two) and would really like to have a wallpaper made of the main couple Delaney and Sharon. I googled for wallpapers but came up with nada. Not one. :(

    Could someone pretty please make me one?

    These are the pictures...










    Obviously you don't have to use them all, just choose which ones would be best. Please

  2. My Bloody Valentine (2009 version)

    I'm thinking about seeing that when it's out here, was it any good? :)

    The last movie I saw was Loving Annabelle, just for something different. :P But in my defense I hadn't seen it in 3 weeks. I need to stop watching it twice a month. :rolleyes: But it's so good!! :wub:

    Before that I watched The Lizze McGuire movie.

  3. I've just been informed of a petition making the rounds to keep Charlie and Joey together. If you wouldn't mind taking a few moments to sign it that would be awesome.

    It's at TIG

    (http://petitions.tigweb.org/charlieandjoey?view=signatures&viewall=true). It's garnered 42 signatures so far in the last 5h from YouTube alone. Please sign up for an account at TIG first as it is a formal and legitimate petition site.

    Please pass this on to family and friends so as many people as possible sign it. Thank you.


    It's been doing the rounds on Facebook, Youtube & Charlie and Joey's Forum



    I'm choosing to blame Hugo for Chugo (makes me want to vomit) sleeping together because I can't bring myself to blame Charlie because I love her so much. Plus he sleeps with her when he KNOWS Jarlie are together, what kind of a man allows someone to cheat? Him obviously. But this is the same guy that confesses his love for his dead cousins widow mind you.

  4. I'm so glad Charlie has gotten ride of all the photos of her and Angelo! That's a good step forward :D I really like how Angelo coming back has been addressed from different point of views.

    As for you, don't even think about calling the fic off and deleting it. There are 8 people who are enjoying it (probably more than don't comment), so please don't! :)

    I really enjoyed the update!

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