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  1. Hi there, I'm guessing your a huge fan of Ruff! Me too, they're so meant to be together. I'll have to check out one of your Ruff fics sometime. I think we have a lot in common too! Feel free to add me on msn so we can chat sometime :)

  2. Yes, she is for sure! Lol thanks for the random comment :P

  3. Thanks for the friend request :D

  4. They went through that entire part of the forum and locked all the old threads and shoved them into an archive. So it's still there, but can no longer be used. It's above the lot in a subforum :)

  5. Ahaha I saw you floating around on the forum on Monday night! I was like "waaa no way" lol

  6. I just wanted to say that I love your Personal Statement. Amaziiiing!

  7. Love the username lol

  8. Just wanted to say thanks for moving my Charlie/Joey fic to the library. :) Was going to msg a librarian tonight haha

  9. I've seen you floating around so welcome to the forum :)

  10. Hey, I haven't spoken 2 u in like forever

  11. Welcome to the forum :) Luv the username!

  12. Welcome to the forum :D

  13. Ur post in the Logie thread about adelle... that makes 2 of us.

  14. Hey there! Finally another SA person on here lol Enjoying the heat?

  15. I see that you visited my profile lol. What's up?

  16. What Jenlee said in Aug :P Feeling that way myself.

  17. Same lol. Do u hav msn?

  18. Where the hell are you!? :(

  19. Isobel. Seriously?

  20. Giving u a comment just cos. Your comment area looks lonely :P xx

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