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  1. hmm... apparently around the time of shannon and curtis?!?
  2. someone on another forum asked this question: Along time ago there was a boy living with Pippa (or in the caravan park), he was a bit sub normal (learning difficulties etc) I can't remember much about him. He had a largish nose was a tallish with a thin build. I think he was someones brother but they didn't come in to the show at the same time. Before Summer bay I think he lived with his grandmother - she may have died. I only have a clear memory of one seen with him and that was him helping Pippa take the clothes off the line and Pippa was going to put them in a basket and he told her that his gran always told him to fold them first so they don't get wrinkled. Yeah I know, why would anyone remember a scene so insignificant as that, lol. Any way that was just after he arrived. It is really bugging me, I need to know who he was. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
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