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  1. As in, Sarah Lewis' Felix?!?! Does anybody have any pictures or footage of him as Felix?
  2. Random question: Who did Josh Lawson play when he was in H&A?
  3. Max Payne- only went to see it because the bf liked to video game...it was strange.
  4. Wow. That was an amazing last couple of chapters. The scenes between Larry/Aden and Kirsty/Belle were so intense, so emotional...I loved them both.
  5. Okay- that is a lot of updates! I really love the Kirsty/Aden storyline you've got going here...it's really believeable and consistent! The thing I love about fics, is that you can express characters feelings, thoughts and emotions so much better than the show can, which relies on visuals...and I absolutely love how you wrote Aden and Belle's first kiss! It was perfectly written. You are such a talented writer! And congrats on the 50+ chapters.
  6. Chapter 45- I really love how you write Nicole...it's so...Nicole! Liked the Belle/Roman interaction as well. Chapter 46- Aww, I'm so glad that Irene properly apologised to Aden...I wonder what Belle's going to say to him?
  7. ^ I wanted to cry while watching it today. On a lighter note, did you notice both Ross and Nurse Julie turning up?!?! I couldn't help thinking "Oh, come on- this is getting ridiculous!"
  8. ^ I've stood in cupboards before, so you're not that strange! Anyway, onto the fic- that last chapter was simply beautiful. I'm glad Annie sort of understand what's going on with Aden now, even if she doesn't know the full story behind it. I love the friendship that these two have in the fic- they're so different, but so connected! And aww at Geoff trying to be protective of Annie- I love his strong bond with her too! I think I might go back to the start and read this fic from the beginning- it's just that good!
  9. Libby Tanner is guest starring on Rush next week...I realise this clashes with All Saints, but I thought I should at least give you all the heads up if you're interested.
  10. What more can I say that hasn't already been said by everyone else? How you write Nicole feels very true to the character...I hope Aden doesn't stay away from Roman thinking he would want more space to be with Niolce now shes turned up...it's obvious Aden needs Roman! Anyway...can't wait for the next part!
  11. Pancakes with lemon and sugar...and now it's time for a coffee.
  12. That was beautifully written. The descriptions of Belle's pain was perfect. It was so sad- I really felt the grief emanate out of the page. ETA: I like how you don't find out exactly how he died. You don't need to- the pain through Belle's words is enough.
  13. I wish you weren't in a different timezone monkeysmoke...you always update when I'm asleep! Geoff was so cute wanting to find Annie like that- you can tell he loves her so much. I'm glad Irene believes Aden is innocent- I wonder if Belle will talk to Aden about Annie? Good Annie/Jai interaction...love the hysterical laughing part...it's what I would do too! Can't wait for more!
  14. Ahh, I love how you write Nicole- it's perfect! Had to catch up on a fair few chapters...it's still as awesome as ever. I never want this fanfic to end!
  15. Love that first Annie icon! The facial expression is great!
  16. Home made salad- delicious! It's to make up for that merangue I had for breakfast.
  17. Whenever I read this fic, I'm always left wanting more! I really hope they do not blame Aden...that would be awful if they did. I can't wait for the next part!
  18. I got chills reading that last chapter...not good chills either! It was well written, you hadf the right amount of everything without it being too graphic. Poor Annie, I wonder if her and Aden will now connect, or if Aden will tell her about his abuse?
  19. Aww, that is too sad! But nicely written...great premise for what could have happened to Aden's mum and Ruby/Charlie's mum on the show. I really would like to read more...if you want to turn it into more than a one-shot.
  20. Cold pizza...tasted so much better than it did last night!
  21. Sorry this is such a late reply to your comment! I understand your need for honest feedback- if we aren't criticised constructively, then how do we learn? Your fic is truly awesome, though. :)

  22. I absolutely love the colouring on the ones of Nicole and Aden talking at the beach! Mind if I save a few?
  23. I love the colouring on these ones! Fantastic work!
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