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  1. Channel 5 could probably get around the inconsistent schedule by airing a week behind Australia. The UK was, I think, 4 days behind when the series left ITV. However I recall reading that the gap may be due to Channel 5 renegotiating the contact (for a cheaper price). RTE many years ago were months ahead of the UK. They seem to be showing it the same day as C5 now. However though Sky it is blocked in Northern Ireland. Not sure if the B-Word will affect anything. I'm sure RTE would jump at the chance to be ahead again, that was always something they seemed to like to promote.
  2. I never really understood the logic behind Dennis being axed. From bits and pieces I read at the time, I think Dennis asked for some extended time off, but TPTB decided to write him out permanently instead. I'm sure they could have easily come up with a good storyline to write him out for 6 months or whatever. Whether they came up with the flood disaster before or after the decision to axed him, as a way to kill him off, I have no idea, but it worked out well story-wise. I don't know whether or not it was a mutual decision for him to leave permanently. But it did seem strange to needlessly break up the central relationship on the series. I wasn't totally surprised that Debra left relatively soon after, although it's anybody's guess whether she would have stayed on the series longer had Dennis still been there. I do wonder ultimately how long Pippa and Michael might have stayed for, and how they might have been written out , either together, or if they'd been separated somehow before they left.
  3. True, but for many years the titles changed on an annual basis (though not the theme). The current theme and visuals are OK, and I suppose haven't really dated much, but we've had the same closing credits for 7 years. Might be good to get some fresh visuals. The show features so many fantastic scenic shots, which could easily be used in closing (or opening) credits. If they don't change for the 30th anniversary year, they probably never will
  4. I'm sure TPTB would hope Ray stays for as long as possible, since I imagine a certain portion of the audience only watch because he's still there. But I'm sure it has crossed the minds of TPTB that if he decided to call it a day during the 30th anniversary year, it would (conveniently) provide the opportunity for a massive storyline to mark the milestone.
  5. There is a new article on Digital Spy indicating that C5's owner company Viacom "allegedly aren't keen on renegotiating for the soap". Whether that means they just don't want the series, or they don't want to pay any more money for the series isn't clear to me. Pure speculation that they might want to free up the budget and the schedule for their own home-grown content. I wonder how keen they are to keep H&A on, and whether or not that's negotiable? If Neighbours left Channel 5, surely it would be the beginning of the end for H&A on Channel 5 too? As for whether another TV company in the UK would pick the series up, it's possible, but I can't see BBC or ITV being interested, but it could go on Netflix or Amazon, or maybe Sky1. I'd be surprised if no one at all was interested.
  6. News is doing the rounds today that the future of Neighbours on Channel 5 is in question as Viacom (the owner) have failed to reach agreement over the transmission deal. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4328060/Neighbours-disappear-screens.html Not wanting to turn this into a discussion about Neighbours, but if the series did disappear from Channel 5 would this have any long term impact on the future of H&A too? We know H&A is supposed to be on a "lifetime of the series" deal with means Channel 5 can (or must?) air H&A until it ends in Australia. But given that Neighbours and H&A are paired together in the Channel 5 schedule, and Neighbours is the more popular series in the UK, if it did go from Ch5 would this have any negative effect on H&A, or possibly even a positive effect in sending some former Neighbours viewers over to H&A? I know H&A aired on the channel for years before it acquired Neighbours. Another possibility is that Neighbours could be aired by another channel. I think it's unlikely now that it would be picked up by a mainstream channel, but imagine if ITV picked it up and aired in direct competiton to H&A. All wild speculation, and hopefully it won't happen, but it does seem there is at least some possibiliy that Neighbours might not be on Channel 5 for much longer. Also, if the owners of Channel 5 are reluctant to spend the cash on Neighbours, what chance has H&A got, as its ratings are lower? Is it possible Viacom could try to negotiate an even lower price for H&A, and is it possible that deal could stall somehow?
  7. Just read an interesting post on the "TV Forum" site: "From what I was told by an old source, the contract to Home and Away was renegotiated to cut costs during the start of the Richard Desmond years [probably 6 or 7 years ago] which included a clause where the programme needed to be aired a minimum of 6 weeks behind the Australian airings." If this is indeed true, I guess that explains why Channel 5 are forced to maintain such a large transmission gap. So effectively they are paying less for the show and as a consequence they are forced to show it weeks behind Australia. It sounds plausible as you would think they would narrow the gap as much as they could to maximise ratings. I guess they think the series isn't worth paying the extra cash for in order to show it more up to date, and I would speculate that they probably could acquire same day transmission rights, but they don't think it's worth the extra expense.
  8. Seems strange Channel 5 would chose to run weeks behind though. There's certainly no logistical reason why they need to have the gap. But yes, I had forgotten about the erratic scheduling of double and triple episodes etc, but if they were to run one week behind Australia, that would smooth out any potential issues. Maybe Channel 5 aren't that bothered about H&A, It is there, but they don't seem to go out of their way to promote it very much. Most of their energies seem to go into Neighbours, and I suppose they think having the shows back-to-back is enough for the audience to remain loyal (but past viewing figures have shown that generally a small number of people actually switch away at 6pm). The series still has to go off air for 6-8 weeks (whatever the Austrailan season break is), I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one who would be OK if they aligned the break with Australia, as during December there is plenty to do besides watching TV. On the other hand I don't mind a mid-year gap either, when the weather is good and there are things to do outside. I wouldn't mind if Channel 5 repeated some episodes pre-2000. There are certainly spells of the show in recent years I wouldn't want to revisit.
  9. It's crazy in this day and age that Channel 5 are running 5 weeks behind. Even in the final years of ITV, it was running 4 weeks or less behind, and when it finished, it was only 4 episodes behind. I'm sure it's not Channel 5's choice to run that far behind. I am sure they would like to show it the same day, as with Neighbours. Are they really contractually blocked from closing the gap? Maybe to get "same day" rights they would need to pay more money and don't think it's worth it? But aren't Channel 5 paying a substantial amount of H&A's production costs anyway? It doesn't make a lot of sense. Even if they wanted to avoid a long Christmas break, they could still show the first half of the year as "same day". Perhaps the audience is so low these days that Channel 5 don't really care any more? I know I don't care that much. Gone are the days when I'd read ahead in the spoilers. Perhaps it's because I could be about 90% certain that in the next few months: someone will end up in hospital, probably due to some violent crime incident involving guns and/or explosives and a hostage situation, and someone will end up pregnant and think the father is one of three people, and someone will discover their entire life is a lie. (*any similiarities with what really happens is entirely predictable co-incidental).
  10. I was just thinking there that Alf is underused, but he still does appear quite often and is at the centre of Summer Bay House, where he should be. At least he hasn't been pushed into the background, like Irene has been for quite a while. I guess Alf is mellowing a bit in his latter years. I miss the fiery Alf from the first 10 years of the show. Given how H&A has been over the past few years, I would be tempted to give up watching once Alf leaves (hopefully not for a long time yet though), unless the series radically improves.
  11. When H&A first started on ITV in 1989 it aired once a day at 5:10pm. The following year (I think it was) during the school holidays, they started to show a repeat episode in the morning during Children's ITV. Later this became a lunchtime repeat which aired in various slots including at around 12:30. This was either a new episode, or a repeat of the previous day. Then, a matter of weeks before H&A disappeared from ITV altogether they dropped the lunchtime episode. I haven't seen any sources other than the forum post link above mentioning dropping the lunchime episode on C5, however it got less than 200K viewers (2.3% share) yesterday when adjacent to a much-anticipated episode of Neighbours, but yet got its highest episode of the year in the 6pm slot, no doubt boosted by a special extra episode of Neighbours.H&A has consistently rated lower than Neighbours on C5, despite receiving probably at least as much promotion and being in a later timeslot. WIth the two shows being side by side, it seems obvious that e.g. in the evening, some viewers are actually turning over from C5 before H&A starts. If H&A can't build on a ready-made audience at 6pm, it's doing something wrong. I wonder if C5 are obliged to continue to show H&A until it ends, and are they happy or not with its current performance? In any case, if they are dropping the lunchtime episode, it will be interesting to see if the ratings for the evening episode rise or fall...not to mention whether the series can retain viewers over this May break.
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