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  1. So watching the latest episodes and I think there was a continuity error with Irene. She was talking to Claire in the beach and mentioned her kids Finlay, Damien and Nathan. The problem is she said Damien was the eldest. Nathan was the eldest, Finlay was the middle child and Damien waa the youngest. Bit of a whoops there! Did anyone else notice this?
  2. Digital Spy have just announced that Johnny has recently signed a new long term contract and will be staying with the show for the foreseeable future and he's hoping to even be something like the next 'Irene or Alf!' Great news to hear, he's really come into his character and gives us a lot of comedic moments.
  3. I like your post Jen. I've liked Dex as a character since the beginning, for the simple fact he is different, has the sparky personailty that he has. He doens't fit in with most people but does sometimes try to. I've had similar things happen myself so I can sympatise with the character's struggle to be accepted for being weird/geeky/etc. Granted I've not done the dress up as a girl thing but you et the idea wekk the geekiness. It's refreshing to see a character like Dex on the show and I'm looking forward to see where they go with this.
  4. Well judging from what's coming up next week on the show, it looks like Dex is gonna be certainly more interesting. I wonder where they are going to go with what they showed? (as it's kind of a spoiler I've not been literal on what was shown just in case it can't be mentioned yet. if we can lemme know coz it's gonna be a huge storyline possibly!)
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