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    Home and Away, Supernatural and Neighbours

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    Fishing...watching TV, internet, mates, going to watch footy games, thinking i can dance and sing..the usual stuff really.

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  1. Umm my last one was A Night At The Museum...It was awesome! Lol
  2. Lol yeah they totally are! Aww thanks =) xxx

  3. Hi ive added you as a friend too lol

  4. Lol yes they are both extremely cute.xx

  5. Heya! Lol that's awesome =D. For sure!! They both are cute haha but if I had to choose...umm actually forget that, I wouldn't =P

  6. Hi i luv supernatural 2 lol. Dean is so cute xxx

  7. It is absolutely pouring where I am which isn't surprising (Scotland) Lol but for some weird reason, I wouldn't live anywhere else.
  8. Um the last movie I watched was Get Rich or Die Tryin'. It's an awesome film ad it kinda makes you think...or at least it does to me lol.
  9. On the hits I'm listening McFly - Transylvania Number 1 for today's most selected woo!
  10. Hey Natasha...thanks a lot =) xxxx

  11. Hi welcome to the forum. If there's anthing you need help with just ask. Luv Natasha xxxx

  12. I'm listening to Avril Lavinge - Girlfriend on The Hits Next I'm gonna listen to FOB :cool: Lol
  13. Lol I'm around Allz! But not yesterday....I thought CA came on here alot? Oh well....does anyone have exams on or are Alison and I the only ones? Oh ignore that bit...just noticed **I luv Rhys**'s comment...sorry lol.
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