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  1. He looks like a dark haired young Lincoln Lewis.
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  3. Maybe he is hiding a secret (remember he was going to tell Miles something but he didn't?) and that is that he is sick (therefor referring to himself... so being honest and not lying but not stating upfront that its him). Maybe this is why it's "cimploicated" with Leah and having feelings for her? Maybe thats why he has turned to faith as well?
  4. I'm not sure whether I like him or not yet, though he is an interesting character who has got me really racking the brain. I understand the clapping like a seal thing though. I believe he wanted her to reach up and out to see her arm length and opportunity to stab (i.e her reach to Grant's body and if he would have been able to hold her back or not). I think the clapping like a seal was more of a laugh moment to add a bit of humour to it, seeing as his character seems to be about humour and quirks.
  5. Amii


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