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    I love watching Home and Away, My favourite Couple's are Aden and Belle, Jack and Martha. i watch every episode that is on and tape nearly every episode with Belle and Aden/Jack and Martha in it.
  1. Totally agree 100%, I loved Adelle too!! and I really miss watching Adelle scenes and miss Belle too.
  2. Yes i have some success with doing it this way....so far i have had 3 fan cards back....Bob Baines (Mr Bartlett), Lyn Collingwood (Colleen) and Esther Anderson (Charlie) and Esther wrote a lovely message on the back on the back. I was so excited...
  3. I love Belle and i think that Jess is doing a really good job.....Anaya what episode is your Avatar from?!?
  4. Hi all, i emailed channel 5 the other day to find out about the 2 ad breaks during Home and Away on fiveri so hope this clears it up for people, and this is the reponse that i got: Thank you for your recent enquiry. We have now started to transmit two advertising breaks in the early evening episodes of Home And Away and Neighbours on FIVER and have removed the break that was previously included between the programmes. Five is regulated by Ofcom (as are the other UK commercial broadcasters) and we schedule our commercial breaks under very strict guidelines. The total amount of advert
  5. Happy 21st Lincoln. Have a good day and dont get too drunk...lol!!
  6. I have sent letters and received fan cards back....but i was thinking of sending some more but this time to the whole cast to see who arrive, just wanted someone's opinion on whether i should write just the one letter asking for the whole casts fancards or write separate letters to the whole cast....which way do you think i will more likely get a response...comments will be greatly appreciated... thanks
  7. Sure you can ok I'll tell you how 1. Right click on the picture you would like 2. go down to 'Properties' and click on it 3. Highlight and Copy the 'Address (URL)' line 4. go to your 'My Controls' at the top right of your page 5. on the left side on your menu bar find 'Edit Avatar Settings' 6. Paste your url in the part where it says 'Enter a URL to an online avatar image' 7. Click 'Update Avatar' 8. go to 'Edit Sugnature' 9. Credit who's av your using and your done ! hope that helps Oh thanks ever so much for that....i love it
  8. Love the avaters, was wondering if i could use one please??! (stupid question but how do i do that) as you can see i have a martha one but i really want an Adelle one as they ae my fav characters now..
  9. Hello Guys, I got home from work yesterday to find an envelope on the kitchen table, with the channel 7 logo on the front, and i got really excited, i thought it was going to be from Mark Furze or Indiana Evans as i wrote to them a few weeks ago asking for a Fan Card, but it wasn't from either of them it was from Jodi Gordon, i was quite surprised because i wrote to her about a year ago and she still replied after all this time and she wrote on it "Dear Katie love always Jodi" and she enclosed a A4 Sheet of paper with her hobbies etc on it.... the one thing i didn't know was that her full
  10. I sent letters to Mark Furze and Indiana Evans a couple of weeks ago, but still waiting for a reply, i did write to Jodi Gordon and Paul o'brien last year about May time and i had one back from Paul in about July/August time, so it took him about two/three months to reply, but am still waiting for Jodi's but because of her Boyfriend being ill and that i don't expect one anytime soon, which i can understand as she has more things to worry about than sending fan cards.
  11. Oh my god that was brilliant, i actually cried whilst reading it, well done!!
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