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  1. Your story is excellent. Poor Brodie.. Don't you just wish that H & A would actually do a story like this, though it would never happen. I really do wish that they had actually kept Brodie as gay on the Series, but should have known that no one is allowed to be really gay in Summer Bay.
  2. I am sorry I know that she does have her fans, but Ruby is the most unlikeable character ever. Its actually getting to the stage were I have to leave the room when she on screen. What really gets me about H & A is that they are scared to do a proper gay story (that disaster between Charlie and Joey does not count, as it was an insult). Yet they have all the young girls basically being slappers with Ruby being the worst. I actually find it very insulting that no girl can actually manage not to have a relationship, but feels that they are only complete is if they have a man in their lives. What century do these writers live in.
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