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  1. great story keep up the gd work and i look forward to the next instalment lol
  2. fluff is always good! great story and jack and robbie were v funny. rob's reaction was classic.
  3. that was sooo adorable and cute - a great ending. i loved this bit: nice how you got it in. i thought the whole story was ab fab and ur writing is v convincing and i cant wait for the sequel. good job!
  4. oh no trouble in paradise! im quite glad its happened though because it keeps the story realistic but i hope they work through it!
  5. aww that was really sweet. the names are nice - lol u used leanne for chloe's middle name!
  6. aww that was so adorable! the babies sound so cute and maddie and lucas are going to make great parents! fantastic writing yet again
  7. great update - i hope robbie and kit are ok.maddie and luc fluff was cute
  8. this is getting sooo gd!! poor maddie - i had a feeling those pains weren't just indigestion! i hope the babies are ok and maddie is if she has to deliver 3 babies with no pain medication! please update soon cause i need to know what happens lol
  9. sorry i havnt feedback earlier but ive just read all the updates and they're fantastic! i got really screamish when maddie cut herself but it was really well written. im sooo glad lucas and maddie are back together - they are so sweet together! keep up the good work!!
  10. great fanfic. i havnt seen the episode yet but u seem to have captured the mood/aftermath well. where did u find the episode from? keep u the gd work on both fanfics
  11. that was sooo adorable - fairies are really cute! awww i love maddie and lucas fluff
  12. YAY lucas woke up (at least i hope that was lucas' hand!) maddie was really sweet in that chapter
  13. yay its so gd that he's breathing but i hope the head injury didnt give him brain damage or amnesia or something so that he doesnt remember maddie. that would b too heartbreaking. loved the update and i agree matilda holden sounded v cool
  14. omg i have to know what happens next. that was really gd, i really hope lucas is ok and that sally can walk again. uve kept the tension up really well
  15. wow this is really good and intense. i cant wait for the next update. please let lucas be ok
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