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  1. happy birthday jamey, hope its a good one :) x

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day. :) xx

  3. Happy Birthday:) hope you have an fantastic day x

  4. 'Bout bloody time! I was getting so sick of seeing people trying to logically explain to Carly why it wasn't Gary. I get that they found it difficult to do anything and that Carly can be really self absorbed and dramatic but to keep telling her to her face that she was wrong- I wouldn't be suprised if she has major trust issues with them now. This is assuming it was Gary but it's looking pretty likely now. I can't say enough how good these episodes are, the continuity especially. When someone leaves they're not magically gone forever which is pretty realistic, and whether it's weeks or mon
  5. Greatest Hits Album- Queen Bohemian Rhapsody is still without doubt the greatest song ever written.
  6. Barbara got another mention! Brett's last line to Stacey was amusing though, something along the line of "There's a little girl that may want to look up her father, I wouldn't want her to get a copy of Dad."
  7. My god the quallity of these episodes in terms of writing are fantastic, let alone for a soap. The end of that episode had a few tears flowing. I love Alf and Ailsa so much. I'm assuming she comes back and they renew their vows. Can't wait. The best bit about that was probably that by soap standards these days Alf probably would have unrealistically turned up there by the end of the episode and they managed to do an emotionally charged scene from both end over the phone. *thumbs up* Oh and I couldn't stop laughing at Colleen. Maybe THAT'S why she really dislikes Marylin, not coz of Lance
  8. Happy Birthday. Hope you had a great day. :)

  9. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I had an amazing day and got great presents. xxx

  10. Argh! It hates me. I give up. :(

  11. Happy Birthday Miss! Hope you're having a great day and getting lots of pressies. :D xxx

  12. Um...she doesn't return for 18 years? I was talking tongue in cheek, geez I promise not to make anymore jokes.
  13. It's such a big day in Australia, the soccer, the new female prime minister... Martha being born. I love that the Macklins are going to be completely dissapointed with the sex of the baby. To paraphrase the famous words of Samantha Jones- Probably thinks she'll get her period and ruin his empire, lol. Roo is... thoroughly unlikeable, even in labour. But Justine did a great job with it. Bobby and Frank But it has to be said, that music that was playing was HIDEOUS. It's definitley a reminder of how old the series is.
  14. I love most of Bobby's scenes but I have to put a pillow over my face whenever she's on with Alan and they appear to be flirting or he tries to kiss her Ick. Tom and Pippa That nightmare was actually pretty creepy, even for something written so long ago. It's little things like birthdays and anniversaries of deaths that they write in that makes me love the early years so much more. Especially that shot of Steven and Phillip sitting on the beach toasting to his parents. And yesterday's episode when Lance and Martin made up was my favourite bit- these two are as stupid and annoying a
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