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  1. Ah cute & fluffy Rola. I can't ask for more than that. They're just too perfect together. Is there going to be a wedding? I seriously hope there is Looking forward to reading more
  2. Oh fluff! Yay for fluff!! I love how cute they are together. They are meant to be whether they are married or not to be honest but seriously how more adorable can they be? The rabbit part just made me giggle. only Roman could make that mistake Let's hope a wedding comes soon though Looking forward to reading more
  3. Ah Christmas time sounds like fun with Ella & Roman Hehe love that the kittens are back.. Jacko's comment made me giggle Looking forward to reading more soon
  4. A Rola Christmas sounds perfect and Jacko is back another of my favourites! Lily is cute as ever especially since she's not impressed the kittens or Mike aren't back. A sentiment I share by the way Hawaiiiii! Yayyyy! Looking forward to reading it
  5. I love Lily, she only wanted the kittens and that is just what I would have done! She's so sneaky and I love it! As for Lily being sneaky and getting Rola married again. I am all for it! & as for getting Mike home again with the kittens.. I completely and utterly agree! Looking forward to more..
  6. N'awwwww! Lily's in love that is just so completely adorable I love how Ella dragged Roman around the Christmas fair. That just makes me giggle. I do the same to my brothers when we go shopping Marcus! looking forward to see him around for Christmas.. Looking forward to the update xx
  7. A long chapter full of Rola fluff I love how Ella told him not to remove her lipstick. That made me chuckle Love & adore the chapter Looking forward to more
  8. The first bit was hot! I don't think Roman will forget that in a hurry! Roman really is a sentimental man. I loved how her sister is gonna be closer to their baby. A reunion of sorts. I have to admit I cried at the necklace part. So perfect and fitting. The ending just makes me giggle. I love how Ella was trying to be sneaky just like Lily. The pouting was perfect as well. I can just imagine Ella pouting Amazing chapter so looking forward to more!
  9. I absolutely love this chapter. It made me smile. Roman and Ella on their own for a while I wonder what will happen I especially love how Ella keeps calling Roman her husband *hint* *innocent smile* Mia's dad is just a grade A moron and I like how roman and Ella put him in his place. Lily just cracks me up. She's definitely a favourite of mine. Looking forward to reading more
  10. Love how rola told them they aren't allowed to plot anymore. Not going to stop them but it was cute as well as fluffy Glad they're going to help Mia. Looking forward to more
  11. *sighs* Rola just make me melt. I just can't explain exactly how much I love them. They're just perfect and amazing. I like how Ella is telling Jacob that he is welcome back. Such an Ella thing to do. Hope to read more soon
  12. Yayyyyyy! My Rola heart is so happy right now. I love how Ella needed to be with Roman when she got the results. I have to admit my heart was in my chest for a while there. I was convinced she'd be ill but I am so ecstatic that she is okay! Yayy for the kids knowing that Roman and Ella are back together. I am so glad they will all be together again! Thanks for an amazing chapter
  13. Wow, I could see that playing out in my head. Every single part of it. I wasn't expecting it to be Nicole. I automatically assumed it was Ruby until Charlie saw her in her bed. I can't explain how much I loved it but honestly I want to know more about why Nicole reappeared. Again penn! I didn't expect that. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this
  14. Two amazing chapters! Chapter 82: Ella was IMO mean towards Roman but I can understand why she did that. Sophie! Grr. I don't like the way she did that. I'm glad she's not pregnant but the way she did it was not fair on Rola at all. I hate the end of that chapter. It can't be over. It's Rola. I refuse to believe that it is. I just refuse. All in all it broke my Rola heart but amazing well written Chapter 83: Please please please please don't make Ella ill! I really don't think my Rola heart can cope. Nella and her little scowl towards Jacob just made me giggle! I love how she wante
  15. So Roman thinks Ella is engaged to Scott? He should have just asked her outright and not just ran out. I like the bit where he's confused about his role as either boyfriend or husband. Maybe he should just call himself her partner. Might simplify things more. Ella potentially being ill hurts my rola heart. Fingers crossed she's okay. Rola need to communicate more and talk about everything. I hope Ella does tell Roman about the biopsy so he can be there for her. She is going to need him. Looking forward to the next update
  16. Wow. I really truly hope Ella isn't ill. Cancer is an awful disease and I hope she hasn't got it. If she does, she is strong enough to fight it and I am sure Roman would support her all the way. I have to admit it Roman and Scott's conversation had me smiling slightly. I hope Scott's gf does say yes. Fingers crossed Ella will be okay. Looking forward to reading more soon.
  17. I love lily and the tequila bit especially Roman wondering what exactly she was talking about. My Mike! He's back..& getting cosy with Danni by the sounds of it. Miles & Roman was good to see but I love and totally absolutely love Roman more because he didn't storm over to the party like he would have. Instead he got 'booty' called! Hehe Amazing chapter. Looking forward to more
  18. I have revise my opinion of Kyle, at one point, I was indifferent to him but because I didnt like Tamara, I kind of switched off her relationship with Casey but now having properly thought about it and watched Kyle more. I do like him. He wants to fit in and have a family. He doesn't go about it in the right way at times, I accept that but I do believe he has good intentions most of the time.
  19. True but at the same time, Casey doesn't seem to want to change IMO, he just feels sorry for himself.
  20. Heath has change over a period of time, its a gradual change with him and therefore IMO more believable.
  21. This chapter just for me shows how much they love each other. The simple fact that Roman can acknowledge that he is scared of what he 'might' do to Ella for me just shows how much he is trying to be open and honest. I honestly love that about him. I really think that counselling is doing him the world of good right now. The sound of them two going to his parents restaurant makes me smile for some reason. I am looking forward to reading more
  22. You underestimate the writers, I am sure they would. That is their style.
  23. The fact that Tamara has lost her memory and then to get it back if it happens, for me means that she shouldn't resurrect her old self. She needs to be single and time will tell whether she should be with Casey or Kyle. Personally I don't care as I can't stand her character.
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