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  1. So so so stunning, your icons are just perfect!
  2. I love your artwork! Absolutely gorgeous, can I ask where do you get your images from?
  3. Nice updates so far, interesting about Xavier accusing Heath. Maybe Heath is the one that is charge of the drug stash, looking forward to finding out
  4. Feel free to PM me if you want, always happy to help
  5. Glad that Bianca, April and Heath talked but I do not think things will be as simple as they think.. Ooh Dex and Ruby.. not sure how I feel about that. Great chapter Red
  6. Ooh Bianca's pregnant. I really wasn't expecting that! Loving Dex and Ruby's friendship!! Looking forward to more soon x
  7. Ella and the kids just make me smile. I love how Ella is still trying to be there for Roman despite his being a total jerk. I dont think the messages will work, Roman doesnt seem to be wanting to talk to anyone even his own family. Good chapter
  8. So there are mixed reactions to Ruby being back, not surprised about April's reaction but her and Heath at the end? Uh oh.. gonna lead to trouble methinks. Great chapter!
  9. Some of Ella's feelings really hit home with me. A good chapter. Well written. Hope to read more soon.
  10. Finally caught up, hectic at the moment. Loved the chapters and looking forward to reading more!
  11. Love the conversation between Ella and Nic, it was very insightful and good to read. Looking forward to reading more soon
  12. Ella is definitely on the road to recovery. I am actually proud of the way she did it. I love Mike and Roman's run and chat. They are like two peas in a pod.. Loved the chapter and looking forward to reading more
  13. Roman! I do not like the personality change at all. I am glad Ella knows something is up and is making Miles be there for him, not that IMO Roman deserves it after being a douche.. I hope Roman does talk to someone and sorts himself out soon.. Looking forward to reading more soon
  14. Wow, Heath and April are just stupid. I think their actions border on unforgivable to be honest. I am not surprised Bianca nor Dexter want anything to do with either of them at the moment.. Loving the story so far Red
  15. Uh oh naughty April.. very good start to the fanfiction! Looking forward to reading more
  16. Yes, Mike is 13 in this story at the moment.... Yes.. that is why it is weird. I think we all know why that is... Shush Tele.. they don't need to know that!
  17. Yes, Mike is 13 in this story at the moment.... Yes.. that is why it is weird..
  18. Aww I adore the kids but I keep forgetting they are younger in this story especially Mike. It's great to read though and I loved the chapter. The love between Rola is very evident and I love reading how much they love each other. Looking forward to reading more
  19. Yay! I get an extra hour sleep, cannot wait to lie in bed for longer!
  20. Yay my Rola is back but I don't like Roman's attitude at all. Poor Ella.. I do hope she has some way of making Roman see that they are meant to be together because they really are. Giving Ella the ring back is such a douchebag moment. I hope he feels guilty and wants to sort it out. Whilst I don't like Roman at the moment, thank you for a new Rola story, I know I will love reading it even if I end up wanting to hit you or cry or smile insanely Looking forward to more..
  21. Great chapter. I'm glad to see Mike make an appearance and was great to see Roman being honest with him. Loved the chapter
  22. Wow three amazing chapters but what the hell happened to Roman? He better be okay. I apologise for missing so many chapters but I loved reading them. Another amazing story that has finished but I look forward to more stories that you will write. Thank you again for such an amazing story and saga
  23. Ah my fluff fix I love love this side to Rola. The cute and memorable moments. They just make my heart melt Loved how the manager helped her to get the licence. So do not like the person following them. I'm gonna hire a hitman to kill whoever it is by the way. Looking forward to reading more soon
  24. Ah my cute & adorable Rola. I loved reading how they came about. It makes me feel nostalgic and gooey Like Pollymoon said for as long as you write Rola I will be here to read it Thank you for an amazing story!
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