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  1. Wow Ella really is struggling, but I liked how she is actually talking to Roman about it. It would be worse if she didnt tell him. Looking forward to more..
  2. I apologise for such a delay in the next chapter, it should be up in the next few days
  3. Roman and Miles was actually great to read. I love the fact that Lily is trying to get Liam to go to Ballet lessons! That just makes me giggle. I want Roman to sort himself out soon because I miss him being around the kids and Ella as well.. Hope to see more soon
  4. Haha I cant see Heath and April working together going very well but I would love it to happen Hope to see more soon
  5. Ah good to see Roman and Ella working through this together. I love the part with her pouting about not buying things for a while, that just made me chuckle. Looking forward to more
  6. I wonder how Bianca can help Ruby.. it's definitely interesting. Update soon please..
  7. I loved this, it is different to the show, and I actually prefer your version. Well done!
  8. I am not sure I like the way Dex is clearly just letting Ruby make this decision on her own, its obvious to me that she doesn't want to and needs reassurance from Dex. Also it seems like Dex is acting out of character by not reassuring her. I know finding out you are going to be a dad is a massive shock but it just doesn't feel that realistic to me. I am probably just nitpicking but just something about it doesn't sit right with me, sorry if I have offended you in any way it isn't my intention. I like the idea of Rosie and Spencer and love how April and Heath assume they have time for each
  9. Aww I love the catchup with Rosie, Sasha and Maddy. I am glad that you brought Rosie back, she was an amazing character, love her little baby's name. It's adorable! Its hilarious how April thinks she will get study done with Heath around, it doesn't work that way! Looking forward to reading more soon
  10. Heath cracks me up, he is totally hilarious. Liking Rosie's return Hope you update soon
  11. I volunteer to kill Mark. I hope that the internal surveillance will reveal that Mark is living there. I do feel for Roman who is clearly struggling but part of me wants to strangle him for pushing Ella away. I am glad that Ella is aware that Mark is alive or going to soon I hope find out. I love how the story is progressing and totally want to know more about it already Looking forward to reading more though soon
  12. Heath isn't very tactful is he? He's trying though at least. Ooh ruby!! Wonder what will happen there! Will she tell dexter? Questions!! Looking forward to more x
  13. Love seeing Ella getting better & Roman talking more to Miles. It is really good to read. Looking forward to more soon
  14. Jacko.. can I just take a moment to grin at the fact that Jacko is in this chapter. Oh I have missed him.. I am certain that the four of them will manage to knock some sense into Roman, but if they need a helping hand I volunteer myself to help! This is just hilarious, I can totally see Lily dong this! I can't stop giggling! So looking forward to more!
  15. Ooh nice start Red! I love the start, will be interesting to see how Heath and April cope..
  16. My bf bought me a massive bar of white chocolate! Yum!!
  17. ^ it's says celebrating ten years for me.
  18. Story Title: Returns Type of story: Short/Medium Fic Main Characters: Jack/Martha and OC’s BTTB rating: Teen Genre: Drama Does story include spoilers: No Any warnings: Language Summary: Jack and Martha left the bay after Jack recovered from being shot. They built a life in the city but now are back in the bay. Why? I just started to write this, and it should be up in the next few weeks, is there anyone would read it?
  19. Firstly I am so glad Rola is back, I have totally missed reading about them! Secondly, its Mark? and he's alive? How? What? When? Why? Love Ella even more especially by the way she isn't giving up. Now all Roman needs to do is wake up! Really looking forward to reading more.
  20. I have been a member of this site for about 8 years now, time flies. I joined this site at a time when I was depressed, this site had so many and still does have nice people to talk to, to relax with and became like second home. Funnily enough it was also this site that introduced me to one of my best friends as well. I remember posting a few times on and off for a while before I became a 'regular.' Big Brother was one of the good times. The staff on this site had to put up with me as well but I appreciate it more now. I love this site, still slightly attached to the old layout but the si
  21. That was fine, I understood it at least. It sounds fantastic, and I look forward to reading it.
  22. Gorgeous icons and thanks for letting me know where you get the images from
  23. I love reading your stories! Well done on a great story!
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